April 29, 2008

Mail Love Baby

Remember when I made this bag? I love the pattern, I love the fabric that I used, but I did not love the bag. See, I tried to add pockets and they were just in the way and not very useful - to me! Well Nicole mentioned that she loved it and so I dropped it in an envelope and sent it off to her. She claims that she still loves it and it will be perfect for attending her significant other's races. I'll check back with her after she's actually put it to use :) Anyway - as a thank you - she sent me these darling paw print stitch markers. If you are interested in having some - you can get yours here. Please go visit and support the handmade - Nicole is all about a cause and she said the solid purple paw print is Animal Cruelty Awareness. FYI - I did not personally kill the little mouse yesterday. I simply told JB about it who set a fresh trap. Unfortunately, we don't use no-kill traps. I know that mice need a warm place to live - but it doesn't get to be my house.


  1. Living in an old house, we have had the occasional mouse. My dearly beloved is required by law to dispose of them however he sees fit, with no assistance from me. You are right; while they may need a warm place, it shouldn't be your house (or mine).

  2. I hope the markers suit your needs for smaller rings and I hope you like them. :)
    I will be using the bag this weekend... last Sunday got rained out!

  3. The stitch markers are so cute!

  4. nice stitch markers!
    My Dh is the mouse disposal guy around here, too. I turn the other cheek! Oh, and those no kill traps, like the glue..those are BAD. They do kill them, and it is NOT pretty. And also...not good when you dog gets into them. ALSO not good when your dog gets into the snap traps. Apparently they hurt dog noses. I think Fred now knows that a glob of peanut butter sitting out in the open is NOT a good thing to go after, and that peanut butter CAN fight back.
    PS i HEART that bag in a BIG BIG way. Love the Amy Butler line!!

  5. SNOL... We don't do the no kill traps either. We have a born and bred mouser (Mugsy), so either we kill them, or he does. Luckily, no mice this year!

    Love the stitchmarkers!

  6. Th stitch markers are so cute.

    I have a rule I do not share my home with a mouse or rodent of any kind. My kids want a hampster that is too close can not do it.

    Hope you are having a great week.

    Your Coffee Swap PAl


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