July 9, 2019

Blue Stripe Rivermont

I am a cashmerette tester - and for the most part I love it!  Any time I'm unhappy with the finished garment - well it's always my own fault.  No matter how many times I take my measurements and if I'm standing up or sitting down - I almost always come out with a garment that's too big the first go round.  

Take - my tester version of the Rivermont for example.  Too big - but it's super comfortable and snuggly warm and I wear it all winter!

This is my second version of the rivermont.  I wanted to try again and make a dress that was more my size!  The fabric is from Girl Charlee from 6 or more years ago!  I made a dress for my 50th birthday from the same fabric and couldn't part with the remaining fabric. 

For this Rivermont - I used a pretty ITY left over from making a concord for the pockets and I used the same ITY to bind the neckline and sleeve hems - pulling it all together.  Actually - I think I inserted it like flat piping (and I did a pretty crap-tastic job of it!) but you can't tell from a galloping horse, so . . . .

It's amazing what actually making something up in your size will do for you! I feel amazing when I wear this dress.  Also, having a photographer who makes you laugh, helps a lot!  

Pretty sure I'm losing my balance here!  Other than using contrasting fabric for the pockets - no other changes were made to the pattern.  At some point, I'm going to make up the Rivermont top too.

The center back has a seam, but I made no attempts to match this fabric anywhere!  There are so many great places to take photos around Carriage Corner!  Thanks Carolyn :D 

Thinking about making up Rivermont?  Remember that dress will look better and you will feel better if you have some negative ease in the finished garment!  While this particular dress feels to 'fancy' to just throw on and wear while I'm making breakfast, I will add some more of these comfortable, easy to wear, easy to dress up or down Rivermonts to my closet - I'd like to say I'll a few in solid colors - but I know that won't happen - bring on the loud prints!  

Have you made a garment that you only sorta like the first go round but adore it the second time you made it?  Share them with me in the comments!  

July 4, 2019

Swing Dress

When a certain indy pattern designer came out with a fun and lovely swingy tee shirt dress - I really and I mean really - wanted it!  

But - I'm team pattern pattern.  I'm also team trace because I like having the original pattern when I need to go back to it.

So, I chatted with my dear friend Carolyn - who took all of these photos - in fact, I still haven't even downloaded the photos that JB took alongside Carolyn.  Soon - Maybe I'll just have a "fashion show' post with the photos he took!

The pattern is New Look 6469 and it appears to still be available.  But it's just a swing dress with raglan sleeves.  I have very square shoulders so raglan sleeves are good for me!  

If I remember correctly - I added 2" to the length of this dress.  It was made the night I was suppose to be packing for our Italian vacation.  I made this dress again and added a bit more length for our last vacation and it got cut up into a top when we got home.  

The fabric was a 3 yard cut from Fabric Mart that I love!  It had been pulled from the closet more than once and put back because I didn't want to 'waste it.'

While I mostly wear this dress during the winter with tights and boots - it works just as well in the summer.  It might not be the most flattering for my shape - but it's comfortable and easy to wear. 

This pattern is still on my radar to make again - with contrast sleeves - as soon as I find the right combo of fabrics.  I'm thinking a floral with stripes or polka dots would be fun.  Also - I think it could be just a smidge shorter - maybe the 2" I added?  What are you thoughts?  Do you wear comfy dresses because they are easy even when they aren't the most flattering thing you own?  

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