December 20, 2018

Dressing Like Gramps

This little lady is already pretty particular about her clothing.  But, I knew she liked this shirt and matching Gramps would be fun!  This little girl is still pretty tiny, but tall.  So, GiGi has been making her clothes custom - The flag shirt is a medium width and an extra large length, with more length added.  Again, I added 3" at the lengthen/shorten line and I think the length is just about perfect for a tunic.  For this shirt, I didn't add any elastic or drawstrings at the waist.  While I really liked the concept on her flannel shirt, I know that she doesn't like anything too tight or restrictive.  I thought I might be pushing my luck with the fabric because it's still a bit stiff

If you've been paying attention - so far I've made Daddy & Daughter sweaters; coordinating Eleanor & GiGi Sweaters; Matching Gramps shirts and I made Momma & baby matching outfits.  I think this wraps up the coordinated clothing - all before her second birthday! 

Where do you stand on matching outfits?  Love 'em or leave 'em? 

December 6, 2018

Flying His Flags

So, you've recently read the post on the shirt inspo and now we're ready for the next part - the actual flag shirts.

For JB's shirt, I cut the under collar, front facings, inner yoke, pocket and a little strip of fabric from the navy blue pin dot.  All shirts were sewn with red thread.  The little strip was folded into a 'hanging loop' and added at the back yoke over the pleat.  It's a fun little detail and I like it.  He's not ever going to use that little loop to hang his shirt up, but I can tell you it's handy for grabbing him to get him back in the kitchen. 

Back of the shirt with the collar turned up.  

I did not try to match anything on this shirt - just sewed it up!  

It was a horribly cold day in October when I managed to get these two together and take some pictures.  We were at Liberty Park in New Jersey.  Eleanor was a trouper, Gramps wined - just a bit :D

Gramps shirt is New Look 6197 with no alterations at all.  I haven't asked him how the fit is compared to the other shirts, but I will say he hasn't worn it a lot.  That could be because he has 21 other shirts in his closet and we are headed into the themed shirt portion of the year.  He's been wearing Christmas shirts since Thanksgiving - he has 4 of those.  

This is probably my favorite shirt of the whole bunch.  You can see just how long Eleanor's shirt is - tunic length.  

Next up:  More info on Eleanor's flag shirt.  

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