October 28, 2010

Guest Dog

I know nothing about this boy.
His mama had a very thick accent
I know he was on the hunt to chase deer out of his vineyard.
He was adorable!

October 21, 2010

Think Pink!

Since I have no new photos of my dogs and no sewing to speak of
we're going to skip DoT and send you directly to a contest.
Photo from Pampered Chef
You - yes you! - could win these lovely plates.
Anyone who knows me - know I love a pretty plate.
JB has threatened to start giving mine away if I buy anymore.
So - I managed to work out a trade - one of my new sock dumplin bags in exchange for the plates.
However - to win them - go to Knit Tea and tell her what your favorite PC item is.
You can also link to a product who's proceeds benefit Breast Cancer.
Good Luck!

October 20, 2010

Parade Float

I'm joining in Bark 'n Knit's Parade.  Here's my entry: 
From the back:  Grey alpaca sweater in the brown and blue bag; pink cashmere stockings (still need the ruffle) in the daisy bag; beaded socks in the dog sock dumplin; red lace in the paw print triangle; lace stole in the dark green bag; My dog walks all over me cowl in front of the sweater; Christmas Socks redux; mystery socks; and modern quilt wrap.  Not too shabby!  I actually thought there were more floating around

WIP Float

A few close -ups:
Grey Alpaca Cardi
Modern Quilt Wrap
Red Lace

Since taking the group photo, I have finished the purple socks and
am half done with the cowl.
The stole has been swatched;
the mystery socks will be done sometime before the end of the year.
I plan on taking grey and modern on a road trip this weekend.

October 19, 2010

Spoilt Rotten!

Over in the Stash Sock Group on Ravelry - we had a little SWAP.  The idea is to get a fresh stash of yarn as we are trying to knit down our sock stash and not buy more.  I got paired up with a lovely woman in England who goes by "LilMissSensible."

The Whole Package - from England!

On Friday there was a slip in the mailbox saying there was a package I needed to sign for.
I couldn't figure it out - I hadn't ordered anything.
So Saturday morning, I headed to the post office - I knew what it was.
I held off ripping into it because I didn't have a camera.
Look at that cute puppy - it's a tape measure.
Beau thought he'd like to see how it tasted and if it made noise.
Thankfully I got it back before he crunched it!
There are also the cutest stitch markers - I couldn't get any closer without getting my head in the pic.
One set is dog themed and the other just fun.
A knitting/sewing themed necklace::a crochet hook key ring::soak::jelly bellies

Now how about that?  Can you see the baby Abby?  Make the picture bigger - she's there!
Spiced Vanila stuff::lip balm::hand lotion::soap::body creme::louffa mitt:: and emery board.

Thank you Lil' Miss - I left a bunch of stuff out - the cards, the yarn, the bags, I love it all!

October 13, 2010


Our laptop has died.
We've ordered new ones - yes 2 - his and hers.
We are waiting for them to arrive.
So, instead of blogging and surfing
I've been knitting!
Be back soon - I hope.

October 6, 2010

Strange Place - Hey Look No Pictures!!

I’m in a very strange place right now. I have lots I want to do and no time to do it – or so it seems. How do you all manage to work full time, manage a home (and I don’t do finances!) and find time for yourselves? I’m about empty folks – and let me tell you it’s not a pretty place.

Ever since reading The Good Body – I’ve been trying to be more accepting of my body and the fact that is it good. It’s healthy and strong and had I been born in a different period of time – I’d be very popular (think late 1800’s farm wife!).

I’m not sure how I found Already Pretty, but I love Sal. I’ve never felt pretty. I’m not comfortable putting on make-up and I’m a klutz at painting my nails. Jewelry is about as ‘glammed up’ as I get. Now – I don’t mean to sound ‘down on myself’ or looking for compliments, I’m just sayin’.

So – with the good body thoughts and Sal’s very encouraging and positive posts floating through my brain I’m trying to change things. I’m trying to accept the good and the pretty and see it daily. I’m trying to make time for me – the things I like to do and the ones I need to do.

So – anyone want to help me out? How did you learn about make-up? Who do you trust? Every time I go to a makeup counter I walk out feeling done up like a clown, not the look I’m going for – I just want to feel a little more polished and done.

This body acceptance stuff is tough. I’m practicing yoga with a private instructor and it’s good. I’m very flexible (but don’t have a ton of balance) and I’m learning to see the good – yes my thighs are big, but they are sturdy and they can carry me up tons of stairs.

Okay – enough. Talk back and share your stories of makeup and learning to accept your body, please. It’s a pretty personal topic, so if you’re willing to share but not in comments you can email me at gmariesews-at-gmail-dot-com.

October 1, 2010

Late to the Party

Not only am I late - but these are really, really, crap-tastic photos!  Which is sad, because these socks are anything but crap-tastic.

First - I signed up on Rav to test knit Susie's Long Stockings

Next - I ordered hand died pink cashmere sock yarn.  Kathy is lovely - she didn't have what I wanted in the shop, so I convo'd her.  She fired up her magic potions in the middle of the summer heat and I had 3 hanks of the prettiest semi-solid pink yarn on my doorstep within about 10 days.  Seriously!  (her bags are lovely too!)
Finally - I caked up that lovely yarn and started knitting - learned a new cast on, learned a new double decrease and knit away.  I was almost done and would totally have made the deadline, but I realized I had mis-understood one of the directions - totally my fault and not the patterns.  So - with just over a week to go - I ripped the socks back all the way to the beginning!

And started over.  It took me just about 2 weeks to knit these puppies the second time!  Now - as soon as I clean the studio and find the missing hank of pink cashmere - I'll start the ruffles.  Then I'll have a friend with legs much more similar in size and shape to the Princess' model them and I'll force JB to take good photos.  (or else I'll pack him nothing but pb&j for a week!!)

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