November 30, 2008

We Interupt this Deck

Last weekend The Princess and I moved furniture. What was the dining room is now the sitting room. The dining room window is now french doors.
Friday night my brother and I met JB at the door store. We picked out doors and hardware and asked them to rush our job through. They nicely agreed. As soon as we got home the boys got busy taking the window out. First the drywall was cut and removed, revealing electricity running under the window.
Holes were drilled in the floor and the electricity was rerouted.
The siding was removed from the outside of the house. The window was loosened. Insulation pulled out. Big messes were made.
The dogs got into the act. They really weren't sure what the big hole in the house was. The the remaining wall was removed. It has taken up residence on the deck.
The boys went to pick up the doors and the frame was installed. Finally the first door went in.
The second door was hung and all the hardware installed (see the construction mess on the deck?). Finally there are the doors. They still need the interior trim installed, but that's been purchased and should be done tomorrow. The brick moulding outside is already in place. Brother heads home tomorrow, but JB has Monday off so hopefully there will be more deck progress soon - it's almost done.

November 29, 2008

Second Skirt - Same as the First

Well only sorta. This is the same fabric as the S4787, just a different pattern. It's my favorite tried and true Kwik Sew Pattern - 3337. I have made this skirt several times - mostly from quilting cottons. While I was finishing up a cotton version at the Fall Retreat, one of the ladies there, challenged me to make the skirt using a drapy fabric. I'm not really sure why I bought so much of this fabric, but I had enough to make this skirt too. Thankfully the skirt works in a drapy fabric and looks good.
I'm finally learning that what I should be making for awhile is more tops. Some tees, but I really need blouses and button down shirts. And I really need to get rid of old clothing that is stretched beyond recognition, and maybe I should use the camera as a mirror everyday before leaving the house. The camera gives me a better reflection of whether I look like I got dressed in the dark - I think.

November 28, 2008

So Crafty Together

Once the turkey was in the oven, I headed down into the studio. You see, I kinda committed to making some blocks for Cami - go read the story. I bet even if you don't quilt, you'll make a block or two if you sew. I plugged a movie in and got busy. I was soon joined by The Musical One who has finally learned to purl. She sat down and worked on the scarf she's gifting. It's a basketweave pattern and she's making good progress. TMO also got called into action for her nice handwriting. Next up - I had to share half of my craft table with The Princess - she was busy handcrafting cards for her Coffee Swap Partner. Some body's getting a lovely set of note cards - do people still write letters and send notes? Finally - check out this mess I was making. This is why I don' t quilt. I am very matchy-matchy. This drives me crazy, I can't mix the pinks, oranges, blues and greens. Plus I try so hard to make my blocks random that they look planned. So far, I have finished 4 of 6 blocks. Hoping to get the last 2 done today and get them into the mail by Monday. After dinner - we started our annual Santa puzzle. Hope your holiday was equally relaxing and enjoyable.

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's hoping that everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

November 23, 2008

She Sews for People Too!

Today, I headed down into the Studio with about 3 hours to play. I didn't really want to start anything big and I didn't feel like finishing up the fleece that's still here. Although I will - as part of the effort of getting rid of stuff that will otherwise not be used. Anyway, I spotted this fun spotted fabric that came home with me from New York and shopping with Carolyn. It was a small piece and I knew all along that it wanted to be a t-shirt. I just didn't know which one. Originally, I thought it would become my old Kwik Sew Stand by - 3159 (which is now out of print). But intest it became Vogue 2925. This is a pattern the really highlights the skirt and jacket. Sharon made this top back in September and it was lovely. I have made this top once prior. It is quick and easy - literally. The longest part of making this top was pressing the bias strips around the neckline and armholes. I did lengthen this top 2". Now, I'm off to get ready for some fun family photos - including both daughters and the dogs :) Happy Sewing everyone.

November 21, 2008

No Sew Dog Cushions

When you purchase your fleece - 2/3 yard is 24" and that will give you a cushion that has a finished size of between 18" - 20" wide.

First, even up the selvage edges. These are the edges that aren't cut. Then cut along the fold.

Fold in half so you have a piece that measures about 15" x 24". Most fleece is somewhere in the neighborhood of 45-60" wide. After cutting, you will have pieces of fleece. (If you want a bigger bed, skip this step and you will just get one bed out of 2/3 yard of fleece.)
I cut 'fringe' 2" deep, and it really wasn't deep enough to tie well. So cut, 3-4" deep fringe on all 4 sides. The corners will end up being extra.
All 4 corners gone and fringe cut all around.
Cut 2 layers of batting the size of the cushion, less the amount of fringe. So if you have a piece that measures 15" x 24" and cut 3" deep fringe all the way around, you would cut your batting 9" (15" - 6") x 18" (24" - 6").
Layer the pieces as follows: Fleece wrong side up, batting, Fleece wrong side down.
Take each piece of fringe, matching them up from the corner and tie them into knots.
One finished, no sew dog cushion - perfect for a small dog.

November 20, 2008

Old Dog Haven

I recently made some doggy cushions to be donated to Old Dog Haven. I personally believe that especially in a tough economy we should all do what we can to support whatever charity is near and dear to our hearts. My dogs are very fortunate - they will never be thrown away. They will never be left behind because we are moving an can't afford to take them. They will never know hunger. Unfortunately - not all dogs are as lucky as most of the Dogs on Thursday bunch. I would ask my bloggy friends to step out of their comfort zone and do something kind for an unknown dog. Donate something from Old Dog Haven's Wish List; make washable fleece dog cushions - you can either send these to me or donate them to your local rescue. Donate to the ASPCA - a link can be found on Nicole's blog. In the past I have made squares for the comfort quilts for several different blogs, two don't exist anymore. I knit for Virgina Tech after their horrible tragedy. I knit for Luke. I have knit chemo caps for complete strangers. Now, I'm asking you to do the same - to donate to dogs by making a washable fleece cushion to help make the lives of the dogs in final refuge a little bit better. I promise it will make you feel better.


Cast on and started this pair of socks 3 times before getting the right combination of needle and stitches. I was almost done with them before I figured it out! Cast on 32 stitches - toe up, magic looping. Increased to 72 stitches. Heels and Toes are worked in Garter stitch.
The needles size that worked was a US00s (1.75mm) needle - tiny! The fabric is very firm, but the yarn itself is thin and scratchy - I might try soaking it in conditioner. Once I got the heel stitches on waste yarn (after thought heels), I worked about 12 rows of stockinette, then 6 rows of 2x2 rib, then 10 rows of stockinette to make the top roll - I also increased the needle size on the rolled edge until I was using a US2 for the cast off! These are gift socks for The Musical One (who I don't think reads here, but if she does, oh well - she did walk into the kitchen while we were taking the photos!). She said last year's socks drooped - so this year she got short socks. And the left over balls of this yarn - going in the trash!!

November 19, 2008

All Pumpkin All The Time

Pumpkin Ale, Stuffed Pumpkin and Pumpkin Brownies
There is no chocolate, just cake like pumpkin bars. Easy Peasy. I'll find the link to the recipe if you're interested.
Hand Knit Stuffed Pumpkin for a gift. Another Easy Peasy. Pattern can be found on Ravelry (I'm not linking, if you're there you know how to get there, if not it doesn't matter.)

November 18, 2008

Sunday Sewing

Puppy Love Plus some other cute fleece prints and a little bit of batting and a few hours of time. Several cute doggy pads in various sizes. To be donated to Old Dog Haven.
Beau - making sure they will work.

November 17, 2008

JB Had a Helper

My friend and her little boy stopped by to bring me Boy Scouts Chocolate Popcorn. Little Man there wanted to come in the house and see my "noisy dogs" (Beau & Lucy were trying to break out the windows and get the strangers who were at our house). So, JB took Little Man around the back, onto the deck, and into the house through the kitchen. The noisy dogs didn't even see him come in. However, once Little Man saw construction - he was all over that instead. He walked along the board to get to the deck. He held the tape measure to figure out the length JB needed to cut boards, he helped stain the bottom of the boards, and he even pushed with a spatula to help set the gap while JB screwed the deck board down. He was a very happy Little Man and not so much when his mom said it was time to go. JB got a little bit farther than this when he ran out of lumber. Then he went out and mowed the leaves off the street.

November 16, 2008

Garments in the Wild

So here's the short plaid skirt with the green twinset and brown tights. I wore the outfit on Wednesday. Details can be found here. Other than the fact that my tights were too long and I felt like a "L'eggs" commercial from the '80s (hey look, mommy has elephant ankles!), it was comfortable and easy to wear. JB thought the skirt looked weird because it has a facing rather than a waistband. Most surprising to me was that I was uncomfortable with the length. I thought I would be - it felt short but was fine. The turtleneck could still stand to be longer. It wasn't quite long enough to fold over, but the fabric was too stiff to leave unfolded. The cardi felt too big. But it doesn't look like it in the photo. I think I might try to move the armholes up in the next version - but I will continue to work with this pattern as I like it.

November 15, 2008

Cami Comes Through

Just when I'm running out of mundane things to blog about - Miss C comes through in the clutch. Although I was expecting a box of fabric and patterns to whip up more shop samples. I promise not to send any more that aren't made from fabrics in your shop - sorry. Anyway - the first photo is a beautiful custom died frosted yarn cake in the Hydrangea colorway (scroll down). Next is the custom dyed fiber that she saved my hiney by making. I had contacted an indy-dyer on etsy who had said she could get me some Eagles sock yarn in time to knit it before his birthday. But then I didn't hear from her. So, I attempted to make my own. Big mess! Again - Cami to the rescue - this is what she dyed and sent. Finally, in a trade for some beautiful double pointed needles that I don't use - she sent some Trekking XXL in the Neapolitan colorway. So, I think I'll be making a pretty little ribbed sock - maybe I'll take it along as cruise knitting.

November 14, 2008

Bonus Day Off

I know that November 11th is more than just a bonus day off - but working in the legal field, our policy is if the Courthouse is closed so is the office. So, it was also a bonus day off. I spent it by going grocery shopping and then hopping on the treadmill. I know - not very exciting. After that - I headed down in to the Studio and plugged in 27 Dresses. I am a sucker for a sappy romantic comedy and this one didn't fail. While watching the movie, I made JB's cotton PJ pants from the Eagles fabric that was finally delivered. I also go the second fleece jacket/shirt made up. This one used the left-over Eagles fleece as accent and black for the body. I added the length back to the body but took 3" out of the sleeves. I still had enough length to hem the sleeves 1", but JB didn't want the body hemmed at all. I put the pockets on the outside and fussy cut an Eagle out of the fabric and stitched it on the center back. This time I inserted a chunky white zipper. It was originally a separating zipper and was way to long for the application, but I shortened it and covered the cut end. JB really seemed to like it. He tried the jacket on when he got home, but he hasn't tried the pants on yet. In fact, when Corey (my trainer) got there last night, I was still sewing. I showed him the jacket and he asked if I could make a Raiders version.

November 13, 2008

Patient Beau

Sunday evening when I finished the second version of the hat, JB called Beau over thinking it would fit him better. He set it on his head and pulled it down. Beau being the good boy that he is - just let him.
Then JB decided he should try to tuck Beau's ears in. He tolerated that too. But when JB put the hat on his nose - that's when he decided he had enough. He used his 'hands' to remove the hat. Then (and I didn't get a photo of it) he hit JB.
After that he went back to his bed, but he kept an eye on JB and that hat!
Parting Shot: For those in the know - this is the tin that Lucy got into Sunday Morning.
For more dogs and their antics, don't forget to check out Dogs on Thursday.
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