April 1, 2008

The Last of the Aprons

So the apron on the left was originally intended for my Sassy Apron Swap. However, I ended up having a telephone conversation with the Devine Miss C and she laughed (yes, out loud even) at my color combination. Apparently I'm no good with descriptive words! So, in a fit of "I'll show you!" I told her that I would be sending it off to her. These days apparently only gift sewing can get me motivated to get something finished. Camilla's apron was one of the most popular projects at the retreat. I had people say - I don't like orange and that apron is fabulous. And there were a lot of 'ohhs and ahhs.' I just hope that Miss C or one of her offspring gets good use from the apron. The next one is because there are times when I open my mouth and then with both feet it in - I still manage to talk without thinking. This time it was perfectly fine. This time I was chatting with Sharon after I had sent out my Swap package and she sad because she'd missed the sign-ups. I will say I had a lot of fun digging around in the quilting cottons to find fabric to make this apron. It's not nearly as cute as the one she received from her flirty apron swap partner, but I like it and again - it was a favorite at the retreat. The reverse side is purple and the pockets are the print. I hope she enjoys it.


  1. The apron is darling, and I've already been hunting lip glosses that won't clash with that bright orange rick-rack up near my face. I plan on wearing it around the shop, or using it as a display, since I actually have that pattern in stock now! Can't wait! C

  2. Love all of the finished objects. I'm always amazed at how accurate some horoscope things can be, and how off in left field for others!


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