January 30, 2016

Graphic Fall Ponte Dress

At the end of last summer I met up with a couple of the Seattle Sewing Girls and we went shopping at District Fabric.

I spotted this fabric and snapped up 4 yards.  There will be many, many more garments made from this yardage.  

The dress is #4 from Ottobre May 2013.  I first made this pattern back in October 2013, and this is the fifth time I've made it.  Like the previous versions, I feel very pretty and feminine in this dress.    

While this may not be the best silhouette for me, I like it.  And will wear it and make more.  The print was so busy that I paid no attention to print placement while cutting.  That black blog right under my belly might not have been the best decision. 
Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!
JB and I were playing while taking photos.  We were trying to recreate this darling photo of Oonaballoona, when JB said - back up - Nobody puts Baby in the Corner!!

The green in this dress matches the green in my tights perfectly!  While I don't do it often, it's kinda fun to wear colored tights.  Brown is usually my go-to, but these are fun.  

I really, really like this dress.

In the past year or so, I've been rather meh about blogging.  But I miss being in this space.  So, I'm slowly starting to update the blog, making things more consistent between posts, working on branding, etc.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.
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