September 20, 2018

Full Legged Pants

Last year, we had a very lovely guest from England who looked so put together    What was she wearing?  Beautiful floral wide legged pants and a slim tee.  Sometimes with a scarf thrown around her neck, but often not.  
Clearly, I could skip the ice cream
I have lusted after that outfit.  I mean - seriously lusted.  I want to look that sleek, polished and put together.  This outfit is not quite it - but it's getting there.  After seeing KS Sews make McCalls 7757, I knew I wanted them.  So, the pattern number was added to my list of  "Must Buy" patterns and picked up at the next sale.

They were sewn up in a rayon that I had received from Carolyn in a give away she had years ago.  Way before it would have been fishy for me to win ;)  I paired them with an ogden cami (but we aren't talking about that now). 

By the time I made necessary adjustments - added at the center front and center back waist and added at the hip - the hemline was over 36" around!!  Each leg!  I can see wrinkles in this photo from my hip to the inside of my knee - but I have no idea what that's trying to tell me.  Also, with the hem this big, it was hard to walk.  My shoe would get caught in the hem - not good.  

While they are very comfortable, this wasn't the sleek, chic look I was going for.  I have since altered the pattern to be a little less full at the waistline, a little lower in the back, and a little less full (okay, a lot) at the hemline, but still giving the allusion of falling straight from the hip.  

here you can see just how big the hem is

I don't think the ogden is doing me any favors in the silhouette department.  Since taking these in, I have worn them with a fitted white tee and got good feedback from my knitting group.  I just haven't made another pair yet.  That's next up on the cutting table.   

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