April 19, 2008

The GW Bridge

Since Friday was really our last day in the City, we got up pretty early on Saturday morning. We had to deal with tons of transportation, starting with a cab, then foot, then subway, train and finally car. So, after making sure everything was packed, we had the hotel call a cab to get us to the George Washington Bridge. When we crossed it on Thursday, it was clear, sunny and beautiful and JB wanted photos of the New York skyline that could only be seen from the bridge. So we decided to hoof it across on Saturday. Of course, the weather wouldn't cooperate with us on Saturday and it was foggy. But we walked anyway - with all our bags! Thank the heavens I can pack light :) It was still pretty. At one point, JB was taking photos and I just leaned on the railing and waived at cars going by. I got 3 honks and 2 waves! The Princess just laughed at me. I have to say, that while I don't think we got to see everything we would have liked to in the City, racing around for 2 days was plenty. There is some noise about heading into the City on Monday before we leave - but I'm not sure that I need to go.


  1. Awww, you look so happy. What a pretty shot.

  2. You have made the city I love sound so wonderful! I hope you are having a great vacation...and thanks for sharing it with us! You have made me look at it through new eyes!


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