April 23, 2008

Another Day Trip

So Tax Day dawned bright and early. I had managed to remember to mail our taxes before we left - thank goodness - because by now I had no idea what day it was ever!
Remember before leaving I made an effort to do the short rows heels on the trekking socks? Well they were my evening, travel socks for the first part of the trip. I finished them early Tuesday morning and made JB try them on. He thinks they're a little bit bright - but he wears them and says they fit well and are comfortable.
Once everyone was finally up and moving we all loaded into Jason's big truck for another adventure. it wasn't really a day trip in the true sense. First stop - Mission Rose Quiltery which is Jessica's nearest LYS. It's 50 miles from where she lives! How sad is that? Anyway - I picked up j. knits superwash sock yarn in Providence (scroll down the link). This will make socks for me. {Carolyn, will you go look at the link and let me know if there is a color you love?}
I also picked up some Heritage hand painted sock yarn by Cascade Yarns. My sole goal in purchasing new sock yarn (and yep that's all I bought - enough yarn for 4 pairs of socks) was to get something that I couldn't get at home. Cascade Yarns are distributed right in my backyard, but when I left my LYS didn't have it. Therefore, this was a very safe purchase! Justification is everything - doncha know?
Mission Rose has a knitting side and a quilting side. The boys (Jason, JB, Fred & Henry) were getting restless and came in to get us. But I had to wander over to the quilting side. She had Anna Maria's Chocolate Lollipops line which I can't find anywhere in the Seattle area. Oh my! I squealed, and then I had to explain to JB why I was excited, then another lady who was shopping had to come and look to see why I was so excited. And then, like an idiot - I left without buying any :{
We ended the day at the John Morris Bed and Breakfast in Seneca Falls. The town looked lovely, but it was a small town and the rolled the streets up at night. Once we had a very nice dinner at the only restaurant open we headed back to bed. We might have had a little bit too much to drink. But I tell you what, I have to figure out how to recreate their stuffed pork chops!


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