May 19, 2019

Colonial Willaimsburg

I honestly don't even know if I have any photos - but I want to talk about this just the same.  Somebody told me, I'm not old enough for Colonial Williamsburg - but you know what?  I loved it!  Loved It! 

We had some points that needed to be used, so we asked this kids if they wanted to take a quick trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was a really, quick trip.  We went down for 4 nights.
Eleanor and I in GiGi made sweaters
On the first day, Eleanor wanted to go the Yankee Candle.  That Yankee Candle is a super big deal and we spent several hours there wondering around, watching the train and talking with Santa.  Eleanor's favorite part was when it snowed.  Every 6 minutes there was a spot in the store where snow fell from the sky.  Pretty cool!  

The next day we headed into downtown Williamsburg.  Right into the heart of the historic district.  I loved going in and out of the houses and buildings.  Seeing how people dressed and cooked.  We watched the parade and stayed out until well past dinner time. 

I guess we were bad?

On our third day, my friend Chan drove over to Williamsburg and she walked around with us!  She made friends with Eleanor - which isn't easy to do with a shy, opinionated toddler! 

There was something about this window in the brick wall with the branch. 

We left after breakfast on our 4th day because an unexpected, early snowstorm was coming. 

Colonial Williamsburg - we'll be back! 

May 16, 2019

Border Print Pembroke

I am a pattern tester for Cashmerette.  When Jenny reached out with the Pembroke for testing - I was totally down for it!  We were due to go to Seattle for a wedding and some new tee shirt dresses were just the ticket!  I made 3 before we went on vacation!

The first one I did just like Jenny's cover dress.  I added the sash - but didn't double the fabric because I was using a fairly substantial ponte knit and I didn't want the bulk of 2 layers.  I did hem the sash for some unknown reason.

Let me also say - I'm rubbish at grading between sizes for my hips.  It's like I have absolutely no idea how big they are!  I know what the tape measure tells me, but even with flat pattern measuring - my garments end up too big at the hips.  Frustrating!

I will say - with each dress, it got smaller and the sway back adjustment got bigger.  I know that Cashmerette has a built in sway back adjustment, but with my very short back length (15") and my prominent behind, I need more.

The second dress was white polka dots on a black ponte background.  I used a solid white ponte for the sleeves and neckband and the polka dots for the sleeve bands.

This dress was not long for the closet.  I think I wore it twice and the ponte pilled horribly.  I couldn't stand it.  I think I have a tiny big of the polka dots left, but I'm not sure I'll use them.  

The third version, I think, fits the best!  And it's my favorite.  The hot pink border was on the fabric and I cut it to use as the neck band.  I fussy cut the sleeves so the border was at the hem.  

The fabric is an ITY from FabricMart ordered in May of 2015 - so it only took 3 years to get sewn up!  

I like this dress in an ITY knit.  I'm finally happy with the length - neither too long nor too short.  

I love the little flippy side vent.  My versions are just slightly longer in the back - although it's not noticeable in this photo.  

While I do finally like this dress, I think the tunic version is next in my to make pile.  I love Carolyn's versions of the tunic with long sleeves and a turtleneck or cowl - I am smitten with Megan's Pembroke tunic dress and really want to add several versions like that to my closet. 

Megan's Beautiful Pembroke Tunic

May 12, 2019

Last Tango in Paris

For our last day in Paris, we literally criss crossed the City.  It was cold and rainy and miserable when we were there.  We started the day with coffee and pastries - as you do when you are in Paris. 

start 'em young :D

We talked about buying the hop on bus passes and on our last day we did.  It was faster to get around on the bus than walking.  Although we did walk a lot!  We did one loop on the bus before getting off and really 'seeing' the sights.  

We have a pretty equal way to decide what gets done every day during a family vacation.  We all put out of "must see/do" and then we go from there - making sure that everyone gets to cross off at least one item on their list.  Everyone had something they wanted to do - I needed to get a Paris Starbucks mug, Jessica wanted to go to the HardRock Cafe and Krystle also needed a starbucks mug.  

We spent the early part of the day wandering around, thanks to the bus.  We went to the Eiffel Tower - but none of us wanted to climb it - I was game, but a coffee and looking at the structure was really enough for me.  

We saw Notre Dame from the bus and now after the recent news in Paris, I'm sad we didn't go in.  But 2 days isn't really enough to see all the sights of Paris.  Sadly the love locks bridge is no more - the locks were cut off because they were actually damaging the bridge.

We found the HardRock Cafe and had a late lunch there.  After finishing - Jessica was tired and she headed back solo to our hotel.  She only got lost a little bit, but she made safely back.  Even when your children are adults, you worry about them travelling alone at night - especially in a strange (to you) city.   

The rest of us, carried on in the drizzle.  See, Krystle had seen some beautiful photos of babies in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background that she wanted to recreate.  See Eleanor's first birthday was 2 days after we got back home.  The little peanut will never remember this trip.  Thanks to the Hard Rock, we now had a red balloon.  We hopped on the bus again and did another loop, listening to the narrator all the while learning. 

This super blurry photo was clearly taken in the rain and while you can't really see anyone's face other than Pat's - I really kinda like it! 

By now, we're 10 days into a family vacation with no real time away from each other - I think we were all about done.  And 15 months after the fact, my memory of the vacation is about gone too.

My take away - it was a wonderful vacation and I'd go back again.  I'd allow more time in Paris and then do some day trips around the area - explore more out of the City, but there was so much to see and do and I feel like we just barely glimpsed the tip of the ice berg.  

What's next for Sunday posts?  Well, there are a few more vacations that have been taken.  However, once those are done it'll be all sewing and knitting around here!  Where's your favorite place to vacation?  And do you prefer hot sunny weather for vacation or are you okay with a cold drizzle?  Do you like to relax on the beach or by a pool or are you okay with go - go - go all the time?  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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