December 29, 2011

My Favorite Gift

shhhh - don't tell JB (he doesn't read the blog)

my friend made - yes Made - me a rain chain.
I adore it.  it's made from heavy dog chain, and cute little buckets.
It makes me smile every single time I see it.

December 27, 2011

So Far Behind

~ I'm never gonna get caught up

~ After DC, we went everywhere - 5 states and a district in 10 days (DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.)

~ I was able to meet 3 blogging friends in person, but only took photos of one (which I've shared)

~ I went fabric and yarn shopping - didn't buy much of either.

~ We came home and the holidays were in full swing.

~ I was able to make some things happen this year by making them social (the holiday lights)

~ My friend Y and took Cuteness to see the gingerbread houses.
~ The theme this year was train stations and they were beautiful as always.

~ Cuteness loved the Merry Go Round.

~ Cuteness was scared of Santa

~ I did all my holiday sewing last minute.

~ It's still not done.

~ Saturday is my 17th Anniversary.
~I think I have enough apps on my phone.

~Anyone have a Nook?   I haven't downloaded a single book yet.

~The holidays are low key at our house and for that I'm thankful.

~Hope you had a holiday that was Merry and Bright and that you safely see in 2012.

~I miss this space and will make more efforts to be here more often in 2012.

~I miss my velveteen friends.

~Thank you all.

December 20, 2011

Good Bye Sweet Boys

Jackson Short

Henry Borg
I have been very blessed to have met both of these boys in real life.
I adore their humans and they were pretty sweet too.
Today I am sad to say good bye to them.
Their lives were too short.  

December 19, 2011


Before leaving the DC area - we took the subway out to Arlington.
It was the only day of our entire trip when it rained - and I mean dumped down water.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Changing of the Guard

Row upon row upon row of headstones.
The majority of the people buried here defended our right to do whatever we want.

The amphitheater at the Tomb of the Unknown.

This was a very sobering day for us and not just because of the rain.
I'm glad we made time to get there.

December 15, 2011

Today I'm Thankful For

Holiday Light Displays.

Healthy Dogs and family.

Friends to make holiday memories with.

Snow!  Even if it's in lights.

All photos from Bellevue Botanical Garden's Annual Holiday Light Show.

December 14, 2011

Hmmm - Where Did I Leave Us?

Our last day in DC. The weather was fabulous. We are huge fans of architecture.

I need to stand up straight and start dieting - UGH!

Inside the Library of Congress - Beautiful

Isn't this amazing?

December 8, 2011

Blogger Meet Up #1

On the second day of our vacation (or really the first real day) we figured out the DC subway and took the orange line to the end to meet ChanKnits and her Knight at a mall that wasn't too far from them.

She is absolutely as lovely in person as she is via her blog and email.  My only wish - that we had been able to meet someplace less public and had more time to just sit and visit.  But the menfolk were a bit restless.....

a photo of the two of us - i look like the golly green giant and she is dainty and petite. 

As we were leaving - JB was attempting to get some shots for my pattern page
and I was pointing out the error I saw when she held it out.
Even The Knight was interested in finding it.

December 7, 2011

Back in the Groove

I'm trying to get back in the groove after vacation.  It's harder than it sounds.  Especially with the holidays right on the heels of that vacation. 

So, for those that don't know - we flew to Washington DC and then drove all over the East Coast - incluing Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I had real life meet ups with 3 bloggers which was lovely.  I was absolutely amazed by the architecture everywhere we went.  Today - I'll give you some photos of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument taken the night we arrived.  All photos where taken by JB and none of them have been edited. 

December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Doodle Bug!

Today is Abigail Jane's 12th Birthday
She is an old girl - but she's still going strong
with the exception of some arthritis in hip, she's healthy as an ox
and really - shouldn't she be allowed to have some joint pain? 
in people years she's 84!!

Happy Birthday - wee one
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