February 13, 2011

Me Made March

I am sure many of you know about far more sewing blogs than I.  I stubbled across So Zo on Mary's blog - and I thought - ya know, I could do this.  I wear me made stuff Monday through Thursday without fail.  But Friday through Sunday - well that's another story.  In fact on Sunday I tend to live in yoga pants and so far - I haven't made any of my own.  So - I thought I'd try this.  Last year I ran across people who participated in Me Made May as well as Self Stitched September.   

'I, gMarie from gMarie sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of March 2011.'
And take the photo each day - that will be hard part really.  Because - I can tell you I wore the 'saddle' colored cord straight skirt to the ASG meeting on Saturday - I paired it with black tights and boots, and a dark grey turtleneck with the grey alpaca cardi.  There is no proof.  The skirt was comfortable and wore well, it didn't spin (a problem I often have) - however, the little kick pleats looks less than lovely after about 5 steps.

Thanks for reading along - I'm going photoless today :)  

February 11, 2011

Head Case

This photo has nothing to do with the Title
~nothing productive is getting done:  laundry; cooking; groceries - nothing

~no sewing has been done in 2 weeks - I've bought fabric because I have ideas - tons of ideas, but no time.

~I have been knitting - easy socks, complicated, beaded socks, designing a hat and knitting away on the cape.

~Hopefully there will be something besides whining to show for the weekend.

~Happy Friday everyone!!

February 10, 2011

Dinner Bell

Wednesdays are knit night. Last night JB was working late and I got home before he did. The dogs eat at 6:30 in the morning, and 7 at night. Not last night - it was closer to 9. They were beside themselves.
Abby is a very slow and methodical eater.  She takes a mouthful of kibble and spreads it around the floor and then picks it up one or two pieces at a time.  Apparently it goes farther from her bowl than I thought.  She was backing up, sniffing all over for missed kibble.  She got it all.
Lucy is a snarfer.  Honestly - 2 cups of kibble is gone in about 20 seconds.  She stands on the little brick hearth and eats her dinner.  She is the best waiter while I'm "fixing" kibble - adding meds and fish oil. 
Beau eats slower than Lucy and sometimes slower than Abby.  He learned his lesson when his tummy twisted.  Now he eats very slowly - but he doesn't take food out of his bowl, because then Lucy thinks it's fair game.  No matter how I've tried - none of my dogs will lay down to eat and they won't eat from elevated bowls either.  Trust me I've tried - these chow hounds will literally walk away when the bowl is in the elevated stand.  Lucy won't eat out of anything but stainless either - well unless it's my dishes.

February 8, 2011

Big Game Knitting

Saturday night I started the toes on these socks.
Then I stuffed them into one of my sock dumplin's and set them aside.
They got a ride in the car, and spend all day being shown off.
Monday morning - they got to visit my dentist.
I have already started the gusset increases.
Soon, I'll be starting the heels.
Going quick.

Found Them!

For some reason earlier this season I decided I wanted a pair of grey boots.

Fairly basic boots, with a round toe and a small heel - not suede, because I live in Seattle and I actually wear my boots into the office rather than schlep them.  Not too high, not stiletto heels, not wedges, not over the knee - just a basic, run of the mill, pair of grey boots. 

Oh yea - they need to have a zipper because otherwise it's hard to put them on or get them off. 

Saturday we were at the mall.  I decided to make the boots my mission.  I finally stopped into a shoe store that frankly I don't remember the name of the store.  They just happened to be having a sale - buy one pair, get one pair free.  Honestly free!

So I grabbed some trendy black boots too. And the best part - both pairs were less than $50 so even if they don't last past this Winter - no harm no foul!   

February 6, 2011

Everything Takes Way Too Long

So this weekend I made it down to the studio to work on the twin set to go with last weeks skirt. 

First - I decided I needed to make sure the pattern alterations I thought I needed actually worked.  I retraced my KS pattern - putting in a sway back adjustment on the back.

Then I started digging through my fitting books to re-acquaint myself with a full bust alteration.  The last time I made this pattern - there was pulling in the front and gaping at the armholes.  So, I knew I need the full bust alteration, but what to do about the armholes? 

I took 3/4" out of the shoulder seam at the armhole side.  I used a thin knit that I got from fabric.com last summer.  I need to make a note to add length the next time.  I double the length of the turtleneck so it folds over - because I like a really tall turtleneck. 

There is still some gaping at the armholes - about another 1/2" - front and back.  So I think I'll do the really technical "smoosh a dart out" on the next version.  This knit is too thin to actually wear and the top isn't long enough - but it did it's job and told me what I needed to know.  Now to have time for 'real' sewing after the Superbowl today. 

Second Topper

I'm busy working on my 12 cardigan project too.

After finishing the grey cardigan (well it still needs a bath and to have the buttons added), I started this little capelette.

I will be fun.  I'm now in a race against the weather.   This is a top down, turtleneck, elbow length cape. 

There are wide, chunky cables down the center front and back.  I did make a mistake on the second cable - I made it move right instead of left - so I made it a design feature and am alternating the cable direction every other time. 

Since taking these pictures, I've finished the second hank of yarn and the 5th cable.  I'm getting closer to being done. 

The yarn is malabrigo rios and it's lovely, thick, and spoingy.    The color is a fabulous green with a bit of blue and grey. 

Now to figure out what to wear it with - jeans and tee?  Maybe a dress?  Denim skirt and a tee - yep, think that's it.

Well it's on hold now until I can make it to the local yarn store.  See Wednesdays are knit nights and we get a 10% discount on any purchases made during knit night.  It's not alot, but it saves the tax.  And that all add up, right?

February 4, 2011

Socks Pair #2

Yarn:  ShiBuiKnits Sock
Started:  January 2, 2011
Finished:  January 19, 2011
Pattern:  Cotty

Verdict - lovely Autumn colored socks.

February 3, 2011

Behind the Story

Remember this post?  Well here's the back story.  Many of you know this already because I've shared in email.  But see my boy has decided that when I get up from my spot on the couch (yea - that pile of knitting means it's my spot) that he needs to climb up and stake his claim.

I'm not sure if he's claiming me or the furniture - but.  See - they aren't allowed on the furniture.  But the big lug looks so darn cute that I can't help but laugh.  So I just grabbed the camera and started clicking away.

In the sorry post - he was climbing down and wouldn't look at me.  I did not scold him in any way.   He just thought he was in trouble.  Maybe next week the girls will show up again. 

February 2, 2011

Socks - Pair #1

Finished January 1, 2011
This was the last yarn pulled from my brown bag stash in 2010.
I didn't finish them before the end of the year.
I worked on them for hours on New Year's Eve.
Photo is horrible, but the colors are lovely.

February 1, 2011

Straight Skirt

The skirt is done! 

Sunday after getting back home again - I made it downstairs to finish up the skirt.  It seemed to take much longer than it should have.  I found some cotton to make the yoke facing, pulled out some interfacing and put that together.

I trimmed the side seams to 5/8 and interfaced the left side seams and put in an invisible zipper.  I had JB help me mark the hem, it looks uneven on the counter - but hangs level on me.

I don't have anything to wear with it.  So, I pulled this lovely jersey from the stash and I think I'll make a twin set (sleeveless turtleneck and cardi) from this knit to go with the skirt.   The last time I made the sleeveless turtleneck from KS - I had a gap in the armhole, so I'll need to rotate the dart our of the armhole to the sideseam and gather it in.  Maybe next weekend.
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