April 21, 2008

Watertown Zoo

According to J&J the Watertown, New York zoo was created by the same gentleman who designed Central Park in New York City.
While we never did make it to the Central Park zoo this one was just enough to get you excited about seeing the animals.
The thing about zoos is that I always end up feeling bad too. Really bad. I mean would you like to be locked up in an enclosure that's too small?
With strangers looking at you and attempting to sound like you all day long? That's what I thought - me either.
FYI - all photos courtesy of JB - resident photog in our house. And next week once I'm home and life resumes its normal grind, I'll upload all the photos to flicker, research my posts and add links. Home tomorrow! By the way - I'm still a week behind with the blow-by-blow.


  1. I have the same reaction to zoos. I always make Punkin and The Beard go without me.

    I'm enjoying your in-the-moment updates! Good job--keep it up!

  2. the zoo was just kind of a downer, wasn't it? Sorry...i always think they will be so fun, and then...
    Anywhoot...the guy that designed the WHOLE Central Park, designed the WHOLE Thompson Park...not the zoo portion though. As for the Central Park Zoo, not sure if he designed that either. Boy, i am just right on top with the corrections, no? How annoying. Sorry.
    Yeah, the Zoo bit it. The animals looked more depressed there than any other zoo i remember.

  3. Oh I LOVE visiting zoos (and acquariums) while on vacation! FUN!

  4. I really like the photo of the white owl. So beautiful.


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