April 30, 2010

Quick Knit

These were a quick knit. Once I learned how to read. . . . I started them 4 different times. First time, I couldn't remember the cast on. Second time, I dropped a stitch. Third time, it just wasn't big enough. Fourth time's a charm? Pattern: Seduction by Ann Budd. Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill; gift from a friend. The Rest: Needles, US1s, magic loop, top down, both at the same time. Model: a very scared Dudley Dog. He did NOT like having the sock blockers leaning on him. Verdict: Lovely pattern. Will most likely knit it again.

April 28, 2010

Trip Anyone?

After spending more time working on one garment than I ever have in my entire life - I need a quick little instant gratification project. So - I made luggage tags for a bunch of friends. I had to do this because after receiving a tag for my birthday last year - I was amazed at how easy it was to find my bag on the luggage carousel. I want everyone to have it that easy. Can you find yours?

April 27, 2010


Yesterday, when I got home there was a box in the entry way for me. It was from Channon and had lots of fun things that you'll have to wait to see. Inside the box was George! I have never knit with handspun yarn. Just haven't. And this is not only handspun - but handspun by Channon. I don't have time to find the links - but I'm pretty sure I've seen it on her blog. Anyway - it just has to be called George! It is lovely and deserves to be loved, hugged and petted (and called George). Thank you very much - you made a long Monday better.

April 26, 2010

Cowboy Up

JB has owned this (<----) little cowboy for as long as I've know him. It's always been in our living room and while I'm a big fan of country music and I'm not a huge fan of "country decorating."
But I love this little cowboy. JB says he used have a clock sitting where the rock is now. But the clock broke and Pop removed it and the rock has been there ever since. Apparently, once upon a time there used to a proportionally sized horse with a white mane and tail, but she was broke and discarded long ago.
For as long as I've known JB, his Dad (or Pop as everyone called him ) had this ----> cowboy. He's bigger and doesn't have the white accents, but to me - it screams Pop. There is just something about they little ceramic figurines. Neither of them is chipped and they just have tons of character.

As you can see, they are both residing together now. RIP Pop.

April 25, 2010

Houndstooth Done!!

Yea, I know - and you're just going to have to wait.
It wants a nice, crisp white button down to wear (tucked in no less) and a pretty cardi. I'm going shopping this afternoon.

April 22, 2010

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night

and Party Every Day!
You might have to click on the photos and make them bigger - but the other day Beau walked into the kitchen and it looked like he had been working on a "mohawk." It was so freakin' funny. I'm not sure who had been licking his head - what he rolled in. But right along the ridge of his head all his fur was standing straight up. He looked like he was trying to be Billy Idol.
Not as visible in profile - but what a handsome boy!

April 21, 2010

Movin' on Up

Up the stairs that is. In the remodel department. The next major home improvement is new carpeting on the stairs and landing and flooring upstairs in the bed and bath rooms. I have decided upon the bedroom flooring but so far JB is not in agreement. Rather sad because I chose the carpet color based on the flooring. They are installing the carpet next week while JB is still off work. Because of the way the carpet was installed and how the new carpet will be installed he wanted the old carpet out first so he had time to paint prior to the install. Yesterday was prep work, today is painting.

April 20, 2010

Some New Pretties

A week or so ago I swung into Hancock fabrics to look for a particular print to make a knitting bag for a friend. Of course I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for - but I did manage to bring these two little lovelies home with me. The top is a fun cotton print on a white background. It's telling me it wants to be a dress - but I can't imagine covering my body in that much print. So chances are good - it will lose and become another of my signature loud print skirts. The lower green print - whispered that it wanted to be a skirt - right there in the store! how bold is that? Are you all sick to death of hearing about the Houndstooth yet? Well I'm hoping to finish it up this week. (I know - I've been saying that forever!) I swear I have never spent this much time on a simple garment (that doesn't fit!!) This past weekend I got the skirt put together, the lining attached and the hem on the shell pressed up. I have a movie downstairs to watch - but just need the energy to get down there and do it. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30!

April 16, 2010

I forgot!

This is the fabric that I bought in Mexico. I keep forgetting to show y'all. It's destined to become my favorite KS skirt - you know the 5 panel skirt that I can make in my sleep? Ya that one. This fabric is a mid-weight home dec weight - but I loved it when I first saw it. so much so, that I went back to buy some. I'm thinking that I want to somehow accent the green in it - so I'm still thinking on it.

April 15, 2010

Ride 'em CowBaby?

Last weekend my friend B came over for poker with her daughter and grandson who were visiting from Texas. Little Peter is 4.5 months old and he's a dolly who loves doggies. I happen to have alot of doggies. You can see by the number of hands
that it was quite a production to get Petey to ride Beau. First Pete got to sit on Lucy's back, but she ran when the camera came out.
Beau sat down - until the baby started crying. then he jumped and ran. I don't much blame him - I felt like doing he same thing.
Thankfully - all the dogs were good sports with a baby in the house.

April 14, 2010

Plodding Along

This past weekend after setting up my new iron, I couldn't decide if I wanted to start something new like a skirt from my TNT KS pattern or continue plodding along on the houndstooth. Well - thing is - in my life leaving things too long as UFOs is the kiss of death. So, I dug my heels in and my seam ripper out and set down to business. Per Carolyn's suggestions, I took out the front princess seams and interfaced the seam lines on the side panels. Well - that got rid of the strange puckering we were seeing last time. then I took out the back princess seams and let them out a whopping 1/8" on each seam. Doesn't sound like much - but that's a half in across the back above the rear. Then I quit following Carolyn's suggestions and I just stitched the side seam and inserted the zipper. Now I need to re-finish the seams, put the lining together. Attach the lining and the fashion fabric and hem it. Then it will be summer.

April 13, 2010

My New Toy!

Finally! After months of using the old Rowenta that auto-offs before you can sew a seam - I got a new iron.
This one is made by DeLonghi - I've never heard of them before - but I will tell you this beauty is nice!
the iron is heavy - without being too much so. I can put it on the rest or stand it on end (which you can't do with the Rowenta Steam Generator). It doesn't have a ton of steam holes - but man does it put out steam. There is a 1 quart water reservoir with variable steam temperature - the iron handle doesn't get hot thanks to the cork handle. In front of the handle is a little button you can depress for continuous steam - so if you were steaming to shrink something you wouldn't get a cramp in your finger holding the button up.
All in all - I'm very happy. It was a bit more expensive than the Rowenta at $199 but not as much as a Reliable. And it has a 3 year warranty. Happy Sewing!!

April 8, 2010

Bad, Bad Doggy Mom

I can't tell her no. The vet said "no more doggy ball!" and she means it. But it's the only thing Abby likes to do. Once in a blue moon, she gets her soft rubber doggy ball and she throws, bats, chases and runs like a crazy dog with it. She gets so much pleasure. Vet is concerned that her knee is weak and should could end up tearing her ACL while playing doggy ball. She's played once since she's been on full-time Rimadyl. What would you do - would you let her play? I do - I know, I'm a bad, bad doggy mom.

April 7, 2010


So - I ordered the navy eyelet as suggested by Carolyn and it's arrived. It's lovely - in it's protective plastic bag. I believe this is the most I've ever spent per yard on fabric and y'all know I'm chicken. I don't want to cut into it. To date - I have traced the pattern. That's it. What's the hold up? Besides fear? Well - my doctor asked me to lose a few pounds. So, I've been seriously counting calories and I'm slowly dropping. While I think if this dress fits in the bust and shoulders I won't have a problem with fit if I'm 20-30# less, but do I want to risk it? Do I want it to be a one season dress that won't fit when I'm down a few more pounds? I don't think so. I see this dress as being fun and quirky. Being able to wear it for quite a few seasons with different colored slip dresses under it. I can see white, lime green, and pink to name a few - what colors can you see under the navy blue? And what would you do about the weight loss issue? Wait? or Sew for the Body I'm living in Now? (For the record, I'm down just under 10# in 2 weeks.)


Last week The Princess got some blueberries out to thaw for Miss Sheila her hedgehog. Unfortunately, when they got up in the morning, Sheila had passed. The Princess decides 3+ years ago to get a hedgehog because it was different, they are interesting and very friendly once they get to know you. She was living in an apartment and couldn't have a dog at time. So - hedgehog it was. When she took a job clear across the country - she bought a second airline ticket to take Sheila with her. Both The Princess and Charlie are sad at Sheila's passing. Go wish her well.

April 5, 2010

I'm Turning Into the Harlot!

Which Harlot you ask? Well The Yarn Harlot of course. JB's father recently died. I decided - 4 days before leaving town for the funeral that JB's sister needed a shawl. See - she had spent the majority of the past 5 years caring for the parents - essentially by herself even though they
are a rather large family with 8 kids. So I stopped by the yarn store and picked up Sugar Rush - a yarn made from sugar cane. It's quite shiny - but doesn't have much of a twist so it's very splitty. Then I trolled Ravely looking for a free pattern. These days I spend my hard earned craft money on yarn and find lovely free patterns.
I started on Sunday night and was clicking along at a great pace until I hit the 4th pattern repeat. At which time I completely forgot how to count. I would get halfway through a row and my stitch count would be off. So back I would go - painfully, unknitting one stitch at a time.
On Friday morning, I had started the 20 border rows and was through 6 of them. Since JB had a second shoulder surgery on Wednesday - I had to drive!! I drove to the border crossing and then he took over. I very slowly knit each row, holding my breath that I would have enough yarn - because what I had was it! I finished weaving in the ends as we were driving into town. We went to straight to the hotel, where I dunked the shawl in the sink and they pinned it out in the hotel room. We cranked the heat and went to meet up with the family. I was able to gift the shawl on Saturday morning before the service.
Why does this make me like the Harlot you ask? Well she is often finishing and blocking things in her hotel room to wear that same day or the next and it was the only thing I could think of.
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