August 31, 2018

All's Quiet on the Pennsylvania Front

Hey everyone - 

I have been sewing, honest.  But I don't have anything fabulous to show for it.  

For example - this dress.  This is my tester version of the recently released Cashmerette Rivermont Dress.  While I love the fabric I used and the dress that I made - I don't love the photos that were taken of it.   

My tights are too dark, my shoes are completely the wrong color and they dress needs a bit more styling.  

But - does that stop me from wearing it?  No, it's just stopped me from blogging about it.  In the case of the Rivermont, I actually made the dress again and I really super love that version - even if it does highlight my tummy just a bit too much.

So - what else have I been doing, but not blogging about?  

1.  sewing for Eleanor.  She got an entire winter wardrobe filled with leggings, onsies and flannel jumpers.  Then she got a mini summer wardrobe - couple of pillowcase dresses, a onsie (which promptly had to be cut into a tee because she's potty training), and some shorts.  

2.  Jay's shirts - they just keep being made.  I cut a bunch, then sew them up in color stories.  I've added 3 blue shirts and then 3 Patriotic themed shirts to the closet this year.  He also got another motorcycle shirt before we went on vacation. 

3.  We've gone on 2 vacations.  

4.  Knitting - I have several new shawls and a cardigan that need blogging.

5.  Wide legged pants and an Ogden cami - I wasn't thrilled with either of these and rather than make pattern alternations and make them again and again until I was happy, I moved on to something else. 

6.  Button front shirt - see notes on #5 above. 

This year - I've realized that I'm flitting from pattern to pattern and not ever making anything that I'm really happy with.  I just sew it up once and then move on.  Working on correcting that.  

What stops you from blogging?  
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