April 4, 2008

Beau Let the Cat Out of the Bag!

I'm starting to get very, very excited. As Beau mentioned when he was guest blogging - we are preparing to take a vacation. In our house it's a long vacation. We are flying to New York overnight on the 9th. On the 10th, I get to meet Carolyn who has promised to drag me around the fabric stores in the garment district. Last night JB and I did some (not quite yet) last minute shopping. He needed new shoes - I bought a new pair of danskos just because I could. We then went looking for a new camera bag. We found the one that will most likely be perfect, but being a man he couldn't make the decision - he wants to look one more place first. Today I had the day off. I briefly considered working, then realized all the things I needed to get accomplished before we leave and decided against it. Instead I went shopping - all day! I bought new jeans, new undergarments, stuff for SWAPS packages that need to be sent out. Then I got my hair cut and my nails done. After that it was more shopping - dog store, cosmetics counter, Linens & Things, then yarn. Now I have sewing to get done, boxes to fill and get ready for shipping, suitcases to pack, floors to vacuum and laundry to do - so what am I doing sitting on the couch, updating the blog and having a cup of coffee?


  1. What fun!! You lucky duck, you get to meet Carolyn in person!

  2. I love Dansko shoes! And I seriously love the color of those. Are these your first pair or have you worn them before?
    Heehee, you're going to need that great support for your feet after Carolyn gets done dragging you around NYC's fabric hotspots!!!
    Have a great time! And take lots of pictures!! Some of us need to live vicariously through you...

  3. I am wearing the very same red nubuck Danskos this minute... and I have the black Mary Jane clogs from Dansko, too. I heart them. RedRhonda says Dansko won't be inporting them in the US anymore; the manufaturer will be doing it directly (their name starts with an 's', and I just saw the new ones on her feet at knit-night, but can I remember? Sad, isn't it?) At least your piggies will be happy as you get dragged about on vaca. Have a wonderful time, and knit *loads*.

  4. I am so jealous! I would love to meet Carolyn and shop the fabric stores. Oh yea, and hanging out with my hubby in New York would be fun too, lol!

  5. Danskos and Crocs are all I wear these days. They'll be great for all that walking. Love all the FOs too.

  6. I would buy new Danskos too... In fact I am thinking I need a new pair to wear with my socks this summer... I have a black pair and a gray felt pair just like those cool red ones you got, and we're not talking about the Dansko sandles or dress shoes...
    Yep, Sadie basset will eat yarn, but only if it is some form of animal yarn, no 100% acrylic for that girl! Actually she really would rather play with it, tag and ring-a-round-the -coffee-table are the best games to play with yarn!


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