August 14, 2022

E Gets a New Dress

 Several years ago, I made a couple versions of McCalls 6559 for vacation. Although, I apparently only blogged one.  And at this point, my daughter has most of those dresses.  Recently, I saw her wearing one and asked if she needed a few new versions.

 Last month, while I was at FabricMart with SewCamp, I bought 1 piece of daughter approved fabric and one I knew she would like.  The nice thing about this pattern, is that if you're fabric is wide enough, there's a lot left over.  

 Not one to waste huge pieces of fabric, I went looking for a similar pattern to make Eleanor some summer dresses with.  I asked the Fine Sewing Folks in my Instagram stories.  Ultimately, I chose the Hey June Handmade Racerback Dress.  And then, operating with a deadline as I do most of the time, I set out to make 5 dresses and a tee in a day.

 I got this 1 dress for Eleanor finished.  She, of course, put it right on over her swim suit and loved it!  Because she's a little peanut, I traced the size 5 width with the size 8 length.  It's perfect for this summer, but if she grows any around, it won't fit for long!  And honestly, the length is perfect.  We just happened to be at Sesame Place, so I know at 5 years old she's 46" tall.

 I started with the single blue dress for Krystle that has been cut out for years!  Since 2018 the fabric was left over from a piece that Marjie bought during Fall 2018 Sew Camp. Back in the old days (pre-#lifeofaninnkeeper and being old) I would have stayed up and finished all 6 of the projects and delivered them the next day.  But I got 2 of the 3 fabrics sown and I'm okay with that.  The mustard dots will get made sooner rather than later.

 Do you sew for anyone other than yourself?  I never really used to, but Little Miss E is so excited every time she gets a new dress I can't help myself.

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