August 30, 2010


Feeling a bit disjointed and out of sorts lately - lots going through my head so how about a very random blog post?  If you're interested read on:

~ Last week I got a random catalog in the mail, don't even remember what company it was.  What I do remember is they had Halloween costumes.  There was a lovely cape (ala Sherlock Holmes) for $180.  I decided I could make it and got McCalls 5764 to do so.  Now to find the right fabric.

~ Saturday, I was catching up on blogs and while reading Gertie, came across this post: We Live In Good Body.  It really touched a nerve with me.  I can't get the ideas and words out of my mind.

~ I spent hours cleaning up the studio and sorting through old magazines this past weekend - now what to do with them?  I think I'll probably donate them to the library.

~ There's more, but I'll leave you with that.   g

August 27, 2010


It's a shame that such a pretty yarn has such a name. This is Socks that Rock in colorway Blech - which I cannot find on their website to save my life now.  I thought it was part of the raven clan, but obviously I'm mistaken. 

Last Fall I test knit a pattern for jeannie cartmel designs who gave all her testers a free pattern for testing.  At that time - this yarn told me it wanted to be woodelves - and I even started them back in October 2009.  But they sat around unloved until finally I ripped them.  Last month (?) I was cleaning up the bits and bobs of yarn left lying around my house (yes, it is everywhere).  And I found the yarn again - then I grabbed the pattern and got to work.

The only change I made was to knit a "traditional" gusset.  This time I purled the stitches.  I love it! 

These socks are warm and cushy and fit just right.   Too bad I say "blech" every time I look at them.  It is no way indicates my happiness level - I just think it's a funny name for the color! 

August 20, 2010

Seattle - Through JB's Eye

International Fountain

 Space Needle

my office and Elliot Bay from the Space Needle

Knitting on the observation deck - see the slouch?

August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What Else a Clothes Line is Good For
*Today I am thankful that I have a clothes line.
*That the weather has been fantastic.
*Good food, family & friends.

~Your turn.

August 18, 2010

Bad Bad Wife

I had a beautiful shrimp tray in the fridge - but nothing to serve with it.
So - I started thinking cold salad - I mean it's been hot in Seattle this week.
Channon suggested a Three Bean Salad - but I vetoed that - JB doesn't like 3 Bean Salad.
Then I started thinking Cucumber Salad or maybe Couscous Salad. 
I rememberd JB didn't like either of those.
So - what's a bad wife to do?  Yep - went searching for a recipe that had both cucumbers and couscous!
There you have it a lovely cold Couscous, Tomato & Cucumber Salad.

August 17, 2010

Not Very Clear

Should be Easy - Right?
Hmmm – apparently, I wasn’t very clear. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least. My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning at full capacity these days. It’s very frustrating.

Anyway – when JB bought me the “Fitting DVD’s” he also added the book – Easy Guide to Sewing by Marci Tilton and Lynne MacIntyre. I also have the Easy Guides for Linings, and Skirts.

So far, I have just glanced through this book. First my focus is on getting a well fitting straight skirt. Don’t know why I’m so fixated on this – but I am, so I should probably just roll with it, Right?

Anyway – at the beginning of each section of this book they have the body styles defined. It’s interesting to me that in one section I might be a pear, but in another I’m a triangle. Both are basically the same – larger lower half, with a slender upper body. I’m luck in that I have very broad, square shoulders to help balance the hips.

This past week-end it just really dawned on me that I slump. All the time – at the computer at work, in the chair and even when I’m standing. My back is rounded and my tummy is pushed forward. Not just relaxed – but pushed forward. So this week my focus is on keeping my shoulders back, sitting up straight and keeping that tummy where it belongs. It will be a long road – I’m sure. But if you see me – remind me to stand (or sit) up straight. I’ve asked JB for help too!

August 16, 2010

Improving Skillls

A week or so ago (probably longer in reality), I got an email from Threads.  Not that big of a deal - I get them all the time.  I keep seeing the fitting DVD Series - and I want it.  It's time to up the ante and sew the wardrobe I want.  Not settle on the one I have.  However - I have never wanted to spend the $99 they want for it through the Taunton store , so I sent the email to JB and told him I'd love to have the fitting DVD when there was next a gift giving event.
Threads Fitting DVD Series

So far, I haven't done much more than glance through the book and take an honest look at my body in an attempt to figure out (honestly) what fitting alterations I need.  Apparently, from the waist down - I'm all sorts of protruding!  Bottom, thighs, and hips.  But I'm also short in the back waist length.  However, now I'm not too sure about whether I have a true swayback or just a protruding derriere. 

I guess this is why they make muslin, right? 

August 12, 2010

Brier Parade 2010

Beau truly hates the parade.
The noisy cars, the fire sirens, the train whistles and especially the pirates!
His favorite way to enjoy the parade would be to just stay home.
His next favorite way is to find a place he can lay down and hide.
Sorry bud - maybe next year we'll stay home.
(pictures are from last year - with 2 humans and 3 dogs we left the camera at home)

August 9, 2010

Crickets Around Here

Sorry - that's all I've got.
Haven't downloaded "vacation day" photos yet.
No sewing to speak of has been going on.
We spent the past weekend updating the master bathroom - new paint, new tile floor - no photos.

August 6, 2010

Thankful - Friday?

Doesn't quite have the same ring - does it?
Oh well - this was my idea and now it's time to follow through.
Even if I have to do it on a different day.
    • cooking - I don't love to do it, but I love cookbooks and putting a nice meal together.  I especially enjoy getting in the kitchen when we haven't been home alot.  It just settles me.
    • JB cleaning the kitchen after I cook.  I'm not the neatest cook in the world.
    • The ability to craft and caring people who support my hobbies.
    • Miss D - who let's me vent and does the same when needed.
    • My Velveteen Friends - they are the best, I can ask for something special and know it will be received.
    • My dogs - all 4 of them.  Dudley has left a hole but it's okay.  His rock is on the counter and I pet it often.

August 5, 2010

Beau's New Job

Beauregard James likes to get the most enjoyment possible from his toys. For him that means ripping them to shreds. For the record - he doesn't get to kill them until Lucy has broke their noise makers. She likes noisy toys and will guard them to keep them safe from "the destructive one." But once she's killed them, she lets him have them. Last week - Beau was playing 'Rancher.' He'd get one toy at a time and take them outside (where good toys are not allowed) and kill them. I said he was leading them to slaughter - one by one!
If you make that picture bigger you can see the parts of pigs, cows, hedgies and a bear. See what I mean? Rancher!

August 4, 2010

Back Yard Tourist

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but JB is Canadian. This week we have his niece and her kids visiting for a few days. They have never been out of Canada! At least not the kids. So, JB & I took a vacation day and packed it full of "touristy" stuff.

We went to the International Fountain at the Seattle Center.

Then we rode the Monorail to Westlake Center for shopping.

From there we walked down the hill to the Pike Place Market.
and checked out the gum wall. We took the monorail back to the Seattle Center. Went to the top of the Space Needle. Ended the day with dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. All photos are stock online photos - will post some that JB took later in the week.

August 3, 2010

Sweet Home

Finally! Photos of a finished object - granted it's knitting, but it's still finished. Carrie - who is on Rav as IrishGirlieKnits designed this pattern she calls Sweet Home. It's a fabulous knit will all of Carrie's trademark details - small garter cuff, design that carries through down heel, and all the way to the kitchenering the toe closed. I wish I could add links - but just go to my Rav page and find all the details. I want to thank Carrie for asking me to test knit - the pattern was wonderful and I truly enjoyed it. I also want to thank Susie from Kollage for offering up the yarn for the test knit - it was fabulous to work with a made a lovely squishy sock that I will enjoy wearing. And finally - I want to thank JB for putting up with the knitting - now if we could just get him to work on his photo shoot skills!
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