April 15, 2008

DOT Spring SWAP Package

The theme for this swap was 'spring cleaning' with a dog theme. There were some required elements such as a towel and a handmade item for you person. There are several either handmade or embellished items in my package. First - I got to send to Gnat, she has 2 dogs - Jackjack and Abigail Grace. Abby has some allergy issues and I think I may have blown it with the big bag of liver treats - sorry Abby. It's hard to see in that photo but included for Gnat in the package where 2 coffee cups; 2 hanks of Shibui sock yarn; a bag of chocolate covered nuts; and one of these swing bags. Jackjack likes tug toys - so I made a fleece rope pull and bought him a soft flexible rubber pull that won't last 5 seconds, I'm sure. I also added the puppy embroidery and his name to a dark blue bath mat. This was more like a hand towel in texture, just slightly larger. I think it will work great for drying muddy feet. Miss Abigail Grace got a pink bath mat with her name and a bone embroidered on it. I made her a fur bear with lots of squeakers added. Also in the package was a bucket with shampoo and conditioner (I got a screaming deal at one of the pet stores after the holidays), a box of dryer sheets (these are great for rubbing down wet dogs - it takes some of the wet dog smell out of the house leaving the scent of the dryer sheets). Well - I hope they all enjoy it :)


  1. You scared me this morning. I had a moment of panic; I don't have a handmade item in my pal's package (which I need to ship today, LATE)...

    After a deep breath, I remembered... Phew.

    What a lovely package. I love the personalized bath towels!

  2. Jackjack, Abigail, Special K and I LOVED this package!! Abigail is sleeping with her teddy bear...I have pictures. Check my DOT post tomorrow for great pictures of the pups and of the GREAT package!!

    Thank you!!

  3. You truly make the best doggy swap packages!!! Matt still raves about the xmas ornament swap package you sent for our kids!

  4. That package for Gnat is fantastic! I love the towels...I know my sewing machine knows how to do that...it's just that I don't know how to tell it that's what I want :)


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