April 10, 2008

Sad Dogs on Thursday

Mom and Dad left. They left us with The Musical One and Miss L. We like them both, but they aren't mom and dad. Abby and Dudley have decided to camp out on the bed until we get back (that's a really old picture from when Abby was a puppy - look how tiny she was - and white!). Beau's refusing to look at us or talk to us. And Lucy - well she can't be bothered with us at all.
Don't worry guys. The girls will take good care of you. You'll get walks and treats - just like we were home.
We'll be home soon and then we'll love you up and try to get you to stop pouting!


  1. We know how you feel... we dread Mommy & Daddy going away too...

    Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie

  2. They are the cutest dogs. I had dogs all growing up but my hose with six of is too small for another family member. But I would love to have one when I get a bigger house.

    Your Secret Coffee Swap pal

  3. What beautiful dogs!

  4. Hope your folks are having fun on their trip. We know you miss them, but at least you didn't have to go to one of those kennels.

  5. Ohhhh... Breaks my heart...

    But that baby photo of a certain basset princess is so very darling!

  6. Awww they are too cute! Mom and Dad will be home soon and all will be forgiven.


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