December 23, 2010

Happy Hollidogs

 Lucy, Abigail & Beau want to wish you a happy holiday.
I told them they could move when they did.
They were less than thrilled with sitting in front of the tree.

It's in the house and has lights.
that's about all I can say right now
we do use a living tree - maybe this year it'll get planted
last year it was only a 3' tree, grew about 2' in the pot in the yard.

Happy Holidays everyone  I hope to be back in this space with more sewing and knitting to show in 2011.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, opinions and friendship with me.
I truly appreciate it.

December 17, 2010

Not Your Grandmother's Gingerbread House

For the past 18 years the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle has been hosting a gingerbread display to benefit juvenile diabetes.

I've lived in Seattle for that long this time - but never knew about it until I saw a clip on the local Evening Magazine last year.  thankfully I was working downtown, or I never would have gone to see them.  Cake Fixation has a blog post with much better photos (2009 are here) - but I'll still give you my favorite photos.

Last year, having been the first year I ever saw them I think those were my favorite and everything else has to live up to them.  This year - the tree house is my favorite.  I love trying to figure out what all the 'building' materials are.  I also loved those trees and reindeer.  I've been to see them twice now this year and I think I'm dragging JB down to view them after my company holiday dinner next Thursday again! 

Does your town have a gingerbread house display? 

December 16, 2010

My Boys

This cracked me up!  We are the crazy people who talk for our dogs.  So - a couple of days ago - Beau walked over the couch where JB was sitting.  Then he did something he doesn't normally do - he used his back legs and climbed on up.

The dogs really aren't allowed on the furniture, but it was hysterical.  JB started talking for Beau - The dialog went like this:

Hmmm, so this is what you do all day?  You just sit here and stare up at that big thing on the wall.  Why?  It's not very comfortable you know.  The couch really isn't long enough for me.  How do you fit?  Hey!  Push over, I'll lay down on you instead.  Quick mom - take the photo - look how handsome I am. 

I couldn't even tell him to get down, I was laughing too hard and taking photos.  He did the same thing the next night.  The dog - he's turning into a couch potato!! 

December 11, 2010


Westlake Center - Downtown Seattle
December 2010

December 10, 2010


ser·en·dip·i·ty   /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪti/


1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. good fortune; luck: the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

Last month I shared that I bought Sew Serendipity.  I got lots of encouragement to take my favorite quilting cottons and go for it.  I decided to start rather small - or maybe not so busy.  I saw this skirt (scroll down, it's the 2nd picture) in the book and loved it!  Then I was wondering around JoAnn's and saw a fantastic graphic courdory print, I managed to find a home dec fabric that worked with it and a solid for the ruffle.

I don't know that I had good fortune making this skirt.  I made a muslin and then I made another one, once I cut into the fashion fabric I sewed it up according to the second muslin, too big!  took it apart and took it in, a little too snug.  Tore the studio apart to put in new floors and put the skirt in time out.  Left it there for a couple weeks before finishing.  Now it's too big again! 

I wore the skirt on Tuesday.  The top wasn't quite the right color.  And while I like all the separate parts, I don't love this skirt. There is still something that's not quite right about it.  At one point on Tuesday I had the thought that if I took a wedge right out of the center front it would be pefect.  But that's not really a condoned alteration.  Anyway - what do you think?  Honest. 

December 1, 2010

Abigail Jane

Abigail joined our family in January 2000.  She was born on December 1, 1999 - so you know what that means, right?  Today the old gal is 11!  I'm pretty impressed - she's had a hard time or two in her life.  She has a slight bit of arthritis in her left hip, but she's doing well on the meds - no long term kidney damage or anything else.

She had a bit of a rough time with the loss of Dudley - but she's finally starting to snuggle up with Beau or Lucy (usually Beau) every now and again.

Here's to another 11 fabulous years with the grumpy gal!
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