March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

How sad is it that I can't even manage to post my own Thankfuls each week?
I love this view - from the conference room at dusk.
This week, I'm thankful for:
*a husband who loves me
*healthy children and dogs
*a job that pays the mortgage
*blog friends who share their knowledge, love and support

Whoa Doggy!

I've got nuttin' today - so I give you random photos.
Dudley:Abigail Jane: Beauregard James: Lucy:
Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone.
Hope you have a furry someone who loves you best.

March 24, 2010

What am I Missing?

Seriously - what am I missing? This is the houndstooth skirt and I've spent the past weekend working on it. It's obviously not done. Here's the front view and the part I'm having trouble with. See those funky puckers - what are they there? What are they telling me? What do I need to do to fix them? Help me here cause I'm losing faith that I can do this. Ok- here's the side view. It's pinned not sewn. the skirt will have an invisible zipper in the side seam. I did not pin it all the way down. As long as I'm asking questions - can someone tell me why my hind end is so pointy? And should the skirt suck in under the butt? Too many questions - never enough time. anyway - when I had this one - I though the side seams hung straight and perpendicular to the floor. Looking at the photos - they appear to hang forward? Again - what is this telling me and which change to you make first? Finally a back view- straight on from the back. Again - looking in the mirror I thought it looked good. Now from the photos (besides being dizzy) it appears that the princess seams aren't centered on my body correctly - but that could be the way I pinned the side seams. I will say - I did an awesome job matching the print around the skirt. I wish you could see it better. So - idea, suggestions? Where do I start, how do I do it?

March 23, 2010

Mexican Silver

When you are staying in a place right on the beach (remind me to show you photos of the place again) you get lots of the beach vendors who spend their days walking up and down the beach in an attempt to sell 'stuff.' Some of them have good stuff and some of them just have stuff. We were advised by the "regulars" of Posada Branta Negra who to buy from and who to avoid. One afternoon I was lounging around reading a book when Mrs. Neighbor came and said JB's looking for you. He's talking to Enrico about jewelry. So I put my book down and got up. We ended up with a pretty silver bangle and some lovely hammered earrings for me - along with another bracelet not shown. Unfortunately I passed out earrings to the girls before I took crappy photos of them. I have worn both the bracelet and the earrings quite a bit. I hope The Musical One, The Princess and Miss L. enjoy their Mexican Silver as much as I'm enjoying mine.

March 22, 2010

Long Done!

It was brought to my attention that I had started a crocheted afghan many many years ago. Maybe around 7 or so. I pulled it out of hiding and it was way more done than I had thought. The afghan is made of 5 rows of blocks. 3 rows have 5 blocks and the remaining rows have 6 blocks each. I decided when I started crocheting this to mix the light and dark blocks and put them in their own rows. Anyway- when I put it away, I had 3 rows completely done, and the 6 blocks with the light centers had 2 colors done, and the last 5 blocks where only the dark centers. I spent 2 evenings crocheting the remaining rounds. Then another 3 nights sewing this sucker up. After that I did 2 rounds around the outside edge. It just makes it a bit more finished - in my opinion. Anyway - it's done now and there is no more Red Heart in my house. It's a nice warm, machine wash throw that will make a great gift - don't judge.

March 21, 2010

What's Bought in Mexico

Stays in Mexico?
Oh right, that's a Vegas commercial.

Look at this pretty little bean pot that I bought in Mexico.

It was a whoppin' 80 pesos. ($6.75).

First you have to "cure" it by boiling it with vinegar water. Look at the design on the lid.

Trust me - I looked at them all and none of the lids matched the pots.

Tonight I made lentils in it.

March 20, 2010

It Shall Be Mine.

Thanks Carolyn! For taking the time to respond and send me some fabulous links. And for always encouraging me to just do it!! I had several great comments on the dress that it would be appropriate and there was no reason I couldn't have it. So - I'm totally going for it. In fact, to make sure I get to wear this dress this summer Marjie and I will be working on it together. I decided to go with the Navy eyelet which is closest to the daisy fabric. I have decided I won't line it - but rather will make a few "slips" to wear under it. Looking at the inspiration dress (I need to print the photos and put them in a design notebook) I can't tell if it is lined or if she's wearing a slip. I did notice that the upper bodice showed skin, however so whatever is under is lower than the dress. This also means I'm going to have to perfect all my seam finishing. But I can do this. While I was shopping at Emma One Sock - I also managed to drop a few yards of Liberty of London into my cart. This is why I avoid online shopping 90% of the time. I have no self-control. I have grand idea - but I'm not always good with the follow through. However in the year of Kindness I'm working on this. Doing things that bring joy and renewal first - instead of last. Being nicer to me when things don't always work out (and we know they don't). This weekend the plan is to start the muslin of the Simplicity dress. I'll start with Simplicity's Amazing Fit Pattern 2404 it's a basic sheath dress with princess seams and a raised waist. I'm not sure I love how the pleats release but I'm sure I can figure that out. Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement.

March 19, 2010

I Want This!!

On St. Patrick's Day, Channon posted about her dogs and the wearing of the green. She commented on how Lilly Pulitzer needed to do a Pank and Green line of dog accessories. Well I followed her links (the LP link will take you to the dog accessories) and then checked out the home page. This fabulous white daisy lace dress is on the front page of the women's section. OMG!! Love it. Probably not in white because I would have coffee down my front before I could even get out of the house. But isn't is fantastic? It's also almost $400 - not in my life.
Last weekend I purchased 2 new Simplicity patterns. I've long been wanting a simple sheath dress that I can make into a TNT and manipulate the heck out of ala Carolyn. I got 2648 and 2404. I think 2404 is a better starting point with the higher waist than 2648. But the problem is I don't know where to find the fabric or anything even remotely similar.
Chan very nicely did a google search and after looking through pages of narrow trims, she sent me an email saying when you google "daisy lace" you end up getting fancy underthings! So - any suggestions folks? I really, really want this dress (please don't tell me I'm too old to wear it).s

March 18, 2010

Doodle Bug

I don't know how she ended up with this nickname, but she did and it stuck. I think it was something that The Princess used to babble to her. Anyway - about 10 days before we were leaving for vacation she started hopping. She was holding her left rear leg up and not putting any weight on it at all. We started giving her Rimadyl. She was doing much, much better so we took her off after about 5 days. Of course she started limping again, and one day her leg was hurting enough that she wouldn't climb the stair. Unfortunately there is no way to go anywhere in our house without using stairs. So we called the vet thinking maybe she had torn her ACL. The good news is she can weight bear on a very low dose of Rimadyl. Nothing in her legs feels like it's torn. The general diagnosis is arthritis. I guess she's due - she is 10.5. She's an old girl now. However - no matter what we do we can't get her to stop spinning for her supper. Any suggestions?

March 17, 2010

This One's For You Miss VDK!

Way back in 2008 we went to visit our friends the VeeDogKniters. Just days before we arrived - Mr. VDK had purchased a new riding lawnmower for his lovely bride. See he was getting ready to be deployed and wanted to make sure she could take care of the "farm" they bought.
She had yet to drive the mower. We laughed about it all day - she was going to put on her apron, fix a martini and go practice. Just long enough for a photo shoot - of course you would never drive your lawn mower while drinking (end of public service announcement). Anyway - she did finally drive the mower - mostly just to get the boys (Mr. VKD and JB) to shut up. But she did it martini - less.

March 16, 2010


Don't know why just antsy and restless tonight. One day while we were on vacation - everyone decided that they wanted to go zip line-ing - well everyone but me - I ain't doing that. Go ahead and squawk at me - it's all good. But I didn't want to be left home alone either. So we negotiated a discounted rate and I went along for the tamer ride. Here is JB getting into his harness. He said the experience was incredible and he'd do it again in a minute. This is why vacationing with friends is good - he's long wanted to do this, but I have absolutely no desire and he wouldn't go by himself.
I was able to go up to the first jumping off point - I had to wear a helmet, but mostly that was just for the bouncy military truck ride. I watched our group jump and then rode back down the rutted dirt track in the military vehicle. That was enough excitement for me.
And in case you ever had any doubts - here's proof that there really is no place I won't knit. I finished 3 pairs of socks while were on vacation. Now to wait for cold weather to wear them.

March 14, 2010

I'm Back!

We are home from vacation. It was lovely, relaxing and vacationing with another couple was different but not horrible. We got home late on Thursday or early on Friday depending on how you look at it. The Jeep broke on The Musical One leaving her stranded in traffic - but we buy her AAA and she has a tow truck quickly there as well as two police officers to help push her out of traffic. Anyway - since we've been home - I've been wanting to sew. After doing all the things that had to be done - laundry, grocery shopping, trip to the vet, and making up with the dogs. I headed to the studio. Back in November I had cut out a lime green twin set and I finally finished it this weekend. I also went shopping. Inspired by Carolyn, I ordered How to Use, Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns by Lee Hollahan. I make the same skirt over and over and I would love to have the skills to take that pattern and do something different with it. On Saturday, I managed to make it to my local ASG meeting. Everyone was showing off their Expo treasures and one of the ladies had purchased this book. Since I make the same 2 skirts over and over, I wasn't going to get this one, but there are some cute things in there. And - like I said above - it might be time to learn how to do something new. Anyway - it's good to be home.

March 6, 2010

When the Sun Goes Down

A picture's worth a thousand words.

March 5, 2010

Make Up!

I love these socks! I'll show them up close up and personal soon. I think they deserve a photo shoot with Beauregard James because he was holding the yarn in the original gifting photo. These socks were started back in November 2009 as a mini-knit along with two ravelry friends. We've since added a third. And we all fell off schedule and are now knitting them at our own pace.
On Saturday afternoon (after finishing lacy ruffles) I decided I could pull these out of their project bag - thereby claiming the fabulous sock-it bag for vacation. When I revived these socks I was on row 12 of 40 for the leg, then 22 for the upper leg, and 14 for the ribbing. Sure - I could knit that, and get the laundry done, pack, etc.
So I knit all day Saturday and then on Sunday I knit around the laundry and by the time we went to bed on Sunday I had 7 rows of ribbing left to go! Man was I mad that I couldn't get them finished before the Olympics ended. I tried, but the twisted knits were making my hands cramp. No fun at all. But as you can tell - I sat on the edge of the balcony at the Villa and they got far away shots. I love these socks.

March 3, 2010

A Day

When I get up, I make coffee and sit on the deck to drink it and knit.
this is the view I'm watching. Fantastic.
A bit later - JB might run down to the beach and take photos.
and take photos of us hanging on the deck, reading, knitting, and drinking.
We are vacationing with The Pirate, his brand-spankin' new fiancee, and his parents
(who are also our neighbors).

After the sun sets, we either cook dinner or go out

and then the day windsdown with visiting and card games.

March 1, 2010

Setting Sun

More views from my desk. Sorta -
The photo on the left is the glow of the setting sun off one of the downtown high rises as seen through Mr. TN's office.
The photo on the right is from the conference room. While I think this view is fabulous. I can't wait for Spring so that it's daylight when I had home!
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