April 14, 2008

More New York Coolness

A few more photos from the "Fashion District" in New York. First - the button. It's right on the corner of the fashion district (and I couldn't tell you where that was right now if you paid me). JB had possession and control of the camera, it's his and he uses it mostly. I use it occasionally. Anyway - there were a couple of things I saw that I told him to photograph. These are some of the shots I wanted to take home. That button is huge! I didn't notice until right now that it has 5 holes of various sizes. Strange. The button is to the right of the Singer sewing machine man. I love this photo of the sewing man with the blue tint to it. I don't know how he did it, but it is so cool. The button starts a two block long stretch that is the fashion district. In the sidewalk all along these two blocks are these fabulous medallions of different designers. I stopped and read every one, although JB only took photos of a few. Mind you - by now it was past 9:00 p.m., I think he got some pretty cool photos. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the teenagers who had to walk around me because I was standing stock still in the middle of the New York sidewalk reading the ground! Funny! Oh - and a little clarification. I have 2 daughters - The Musical One (who is home helping to take care of the 4-legged kids) and The Princess (who is a full-time live-in nanny in Connecticut).


  1. Neato! But even no-sewing me knows a button wouldn't have five holes, not like that...

    (I don't think Blogger and WordPress are playing well together today...)

  2. You sound like you are having a awesome vacation. I have been going down the list of swappers and got stuck on yours you are just having a wonderful time.

  3. I LOVE that button, it is too cool for words.


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