April 28, 2008

Fabric Inspirations?

On our trip to Niagara Falls, we spent the night at the John Morris Manor. This was a perfectly lovely bed and breakfast. After a very nice dinner in town (I can't find a link to the restaurant, but I need to know what those pork chops were stuffed with!), we went back to the B&B and crashed.
Some how, we ended up staying in the jetson room. Even though it has 2 twin beds they were pushed together into a king size and held together. But can you believe the wallpaper? I know! Crazy. We actually only chose to stay in this room because J&J had the other room on the same floor - it made sense to be on the same floor that way Henry could come over in the morning and bring me his toy to try and get.
Besides the fact that the wallpaper in the jetson room was so out there. The reason I really took JB's camera and took photos of the wallpaper is this. Do you see that wall paper? That one, in the photo over there, on the left? Right! It reminds me of Tina Givens ZaZu Fabric. I love that chandelier fabric and while I made a couple of Amy Butler Swing Bags out of it and I don't have any left for me. I gave them all away! Now, I'm longing for a skirt from that fabric.


  1. Now, the Jetson's theme song runs through my head... Strange. A B&B with novelty wallpaper.

  2. I love the cresent moon paper. It hs a Cath Kidston feel to it (love her!) and the swag chandelier paper is fabulous. I have to get some more of my Westminster paid down, but I'm looking to order more fabric, definately some from the 'Zazu' line (and did you check out the 'Flirt' line yet from Free Spirit? Gorgeous!) You take care of you... I hate that my stunt stitcher had such a rough re-entry into the work week. *smooches* C


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