April 24, 2008

DOT Thank You

While we were on vacation in New York, Mercy's Mama sent me a fabulous DOT Swap package. I love this because I could have probably picked it up! Her return address is in New York - How fun is that? Anyway - included in the box is the cutest little bowling bag! Well it's not really, but the shape reminds me of a bowling bag. What it really is - is an adorable bag for traveling with your dogs - it opens up to lay flat and there are stainless steel bowls on both sides. The bowls are removable for washing. The best part of this bag is the dog bones on the outside - they are photo frames! I know!!! Do you see that super cute dog bone photo frame in the back? It's going on my desk. As soon as I pick the perfect picture of one of the dogs - I haven't decided which one. There was also a pink scarf, a new collar, and some wonderful treats for the dogs which they have devoured already!
For me - new socks! Lovely louet gems in french blue. I have never used this yarn and I'm very excited to try it. I absolutely love the color and if the yarn is half as nice to work with and wear as it is to just sit and fondle - then I'll be sold for life!
Thank you again - it was nice to come home to such a wonderful package.


  1. Okay, now I know why I don't do swaps. You guys must go broke doing those. That's expensive stuff she sent you. Trust me - I've seen those dog bowl/bags in boutique stores and they are NOT cheap! Nice gifts.

    Seriously, I would go broke.

  2. How cute! Of course, I'm itching to see which photo(s) you use...

  3. Everyone got such nice swap packages. Love the bowl bag!! Hope you had a nice vacation.

  4. Love the bag idea -very cool!
    No treats or toys????!!!

  5. Fun package!! All because of dear doggie!


  6. Love the package...but where's the HOUNDS? snap snap miss!

  7. Oh what a wonderful swap package! I so wished I could've participated , who wouldn've know I got my job back shortly after it started..lol
    I love the bone photos'..enjoy your new sock yarn, looks luscious

  8. What a nice bag you received in the swap. It sounds very useful. I haven't seen them before.


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