April 15, 2008

Jessica Now

After two full days in New York we were headed to North New York. The Princess went with us and rather than take the train or rent a car she drove. We found my friend "blogfree Jessica" of the comments and her husband Jason's house without too much trouble, but as we were sitting in the driveway checking the address and deciding it was wrong they were watching us out their windows.

Pictured above from left to right is Jessica, me, The Princess and her husband Jason taking a picture of us. JB took this pictures. It was cold and the wind was blowing. We were up in the 1000 Islands area of Northern New York looking at castles on the islands.

We started the day waiting on JB to get his lazy hind end out of bed and then went out to breakfast where I had the most remarkable pumpkin pancakes. After eating until I couldn't move, we headed out for wine tasting. Followed by castle watching and spaghetti.

Jason just got stationed at Fort Drum and shortly will be going on an extended 'business trip' to the middle east. Everyone send safe thoughts for Jason!



    I *NEED* some. Yum.

    What a cute photo of the four of you. Good thoughts for Jason, of course!


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