August 31, 2011

Go To Gift

We have been invited to 4 different weddings this Summer!  In the spirit of 'going green' and giving something just slightly more personalized - my go to gift has been monogramed napkins.  I generally head to the store where the couple is registered, find their dishes and then go find napkins that match.

last Friday I was busy putting an very tailored W on a plaid napkin.  This particular couple's dishes are cobalt blue with a medium brown stripe in the pattern.  The brown was hardly noticable until you put a brown napkin next to it. (the card was because the groom proposed on the beach when we were in Mexico).

I love how JB laid them out on the table in the B&B to take their glamour shot.  I did iron them before giving them to JB to wrap - not that you can tell now. 

So what do you think?  Is this a good gift or should i just buy off the registry? 

August 29, 2011

Wasted Afternoon?

 So finally - I got a chance to sew something again.  I have had this Sew Serendipity pattern on my cutting table, cut out for a couple weeks now.  I got the bodice put together and then got sidetracked by ring pillows, wedding presents, and various other sewing projects of the crafty variety.

I wanted to try this pattern before cutting into some of my prettier quilting cottons I bought for summer dressed.  The main fabric is a swiss dot that I picked up at hancock last month.  Not that you can see it, but the midriff band is a pink spotted quilting cotton.  I wasn't going to put the bottom band on the dress, but it was short without it!
I traced the pattern with no alternations other than grading between sizes.   I put the bodice together - it's completely lined with white batiste because the swiss dots are very sheer.  Once I had the bodice together, I freaked out a bit, this dress has not opening other than the cross over v neck.  I figured I wouldn't be able to get into it. 

The midriff band is a bit high and it's not level round my body, so I need to alter that before cutting it again. 

The bottom band is a quilting cotton that was in the cupboard, not sure what it was bought for, but I know it wasn't a summer dress.

The dress was cool and comfortable to wear and I think with some minor alterations I'll make a few more.  Although I really want to jump on the Vogue 1250 bandwagon, I even have the pattern and fabric ready to go. 


August 25, 2011


Today I'm reminding myself of the all the really simple things in life there are to be thankful for, here's some of mine. Wanna share yours?

::charity dog washes::

::being able to keep these houndies in kibble::

::beautiful weather and health to be able to walk the dogs to get their bath::

::side benefit is that the car doesn't still smell like wet dogs!::

:: affording the perfect finish to our yard::

::safe kids::

::knowing that buying fabric because I'm not sewing isn't going to bankrupt us::

::JB asking "what is Webs" while reviewing the credit card statement, and then saying - cool::

::webs is a yarn store - I bought another cardigan's worth of yarn::

::having knitting plans::

So - what are you thankful for today? 

August 23, 2011


The other thing my friend asked me to do was make the ring pillow for her wedding.  So of course I had to do this before altering my dress this weekend. 

I started by embroidering their names in two colors.  They are having a lavendar, mauve as accent colors, so I used that just in the shadow.  With white on white.  Once their names were embroidered, I figured out the placement of the hand then then added their wedding date under it.

The last thing to do was to embroider the hand adding the ribbons to tie the rings on and then make it into a pillow.  It's a 12" pillow form which is the smallest I could find.  I overlapped the back pieces by 3" and added no closures of any type.

I can see this living on their bed after the wedding.  I hope they like it. 

August 22, 2011


Do brides do this to their friends?  My gradeschool friend is getting married next Saturday and has asked me to be in the wedding.  First, let me just say - I think there should be an age limit on being a bridesmaid - and when you're pushing 50 you're too old! 

Second - I don't care how thin you are - this dress is not flattering on anyone.  Well it's not horrible on the model, but that's not how it looks in real life.  This dress was originally $100 at JCPenney, and color we're waiting is a strange mauvy violet.

There is no waist defination that that model has in the photo.  And can I just say?  a 16 was too big for me but a 14 wouldn't zip over my bust!  My friends have all had a good laugh at that one.  My rib cage is wide, but my actual bust is small.  Today, I took it apart and let the bodice out as much as I could - about an inch and there is no room for anything but me under the dress.  Braless at a church wedding - aren't there rules about that?

August 18, 2011

Goober Momma

This picture is from last Christmas of the 3 dogs.
They want me to tell you that even though I call Beau the "goober boy" all the time
I'm the goober and he's not.
See - I've been telling people who ask all summer that they dogs were 8
well - yea, they are now!
They turned 8 last Thursday the 11th. 
Not 9 - doh!!
Who's the goober now?

Happy Dogs on Thursday.
Remember - don't wish yourself (or your dogs) older than you are.

August 17, 2011

Slow Sewing

 I know this is not what people mean when they refer to slowing down and enjoying the process.

I just tend to be a really slow sewer these days.  I feel like nothing gets completed.  There is still a stack of cottons on the cutting table wanting to be summer dresses - um, maybe summer 2012.

Last weekend I had 4 days off - between running errands, cleaning house and all the stuff that had to be done - I managed to make 3 pillow cases.  Yep - that's all.

Why yes - they are rather juvenile - but that's okay.  I'll be sending them to a servicemember in Afganastan who loves John Deere tractors.  It's the least I can do.

The fabric was really horribly printed - but what can you expect from the big box craft store that poses as a fabric shop?  They were quick and easy to make and they will make someone's day - what more can you ask of a sewing project? 

August 11, 2011



Beauregard James.

I'm feeling a bit bittersweet about this.  "They" say the average lifespan is 8-10.
However - my boy had a full checkup this year and he's healthy as an ox.
I'm not going to worry - just give lots of love, hugs and treats.

Happy Dogs on Thursdays.

August 4, 2011

Toys on Tour

Beau likes toys as big as his head.
He's not suppose to take his toys outside.
Because when he leaves them out, he won't play with them anymore.
His new favorite 'game' is to take his toy for a tour around the yard.
Bringing it back in.
First they go outside and he shows "big bear" where he sleeps during the day.

Then, they walk the path back to the house.

And come flying back up the stairs to lay down on an inside bed.
It's a tough life.

Happy Dogs on Thursday.

August 1, 2011

Artsy Fartsy?

There is a beautiful weathered fence that I drive past every morning on my way to work. The homeowners put the 'good neighbor' side of the fence on the road side and then they planted flowers at the bottom.

At least twice a week, I see that and think I should bring my camera.  Friday - I headed out with my camera.

And the inspired by Kate Shawl.

When I walked back to my car, some people on the other side asked if it was a 'travelling shawl?'
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