April 26, 2016

More Of The Same

I seem to be sewing multiples lately.  Either multiples of the same fabric or multiples of the same pattern.  This is some of both.

You should recognize the skirt fabric - it is piece 3 of 4 made that live in my closet.  The fourth piece is another magic pencil skirt but it lives in Kystle's closet.  In fact, the burnt orange ponte that I made this second madeleine top from is also a duplicate.  There is a v-necked renfrew that also lives with Krystle - maybe we'll get some outfit photos from her at some point.

So - a couple of Saturdays The Musical One came over and we took several outfit photos.  4 dresses, 2 tops & skirts and a tunic.  I am working my way through them.  2 dresses have to wait to be posted - but I have plenty to post until their release date.

In every photo - this top looks incredibly busty.  I don't think I'm that busty - but maybe I am.  Because I have made both of these pieces multiple times - there isn't much left to say.

Actually - I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I scooped the neckline a bit lower.  I did this the very scientific way - by laying my french curve over the neckline and cutting it lower.  I don't put a zipper in the back - it's a knit, it stretches.  And I used bias to finish the neckline and armholes.  Oh - and I cut about 1" off the cross band once it was assembled to help keep it taut while wearing.

I really need to teach my photographers to tell me about the details.  It looks like - if I make this top again - I need to lower the front band.  or maybe just lengthen the upper bodice pieces overall.  Moving those pleats a bit lower.

By this time of the day - I was tired of changing - trying to put together outfits and accessories and I couldn't be bothered to put shoes on.  But truthfully - I'd be barefoot all the time if I could!  So I'm walking through the grass for these pics with no shoes on!

April 22, 2016

Animal Appleton

Just when I think I've finally got all my personal fitting issues sorted out - I finally find the eating plan that I really like and start dropping weight.

Earlier this year - during Jungle January - Niema texted me to say that the local JoAnn's had the Nicole Miller fabrics in stock and that I need to come see her new, glorious wool peacoat!  So - I laughed and went to meet her!  I bought 2 pieces of the Nicole Miller fabric.  This knit is incredibly textural - but we didn't get any close ups.

In the Appleton pattern, I have smoothed out the grading I did between the waist and hips.  And this time I didn't cut both fronts the same width.

There really isn't much else to say about this pattern.  This is wrap dress that is easy to put together, always looks great and isn't too low cut.  There will be more.  

April 12, 2016

Just Another Concord

If you've been living under a rock, you might not know that Cashmerette released a new pattern today.  That pattern is the Concord t-shirt.  Concord is a versatile pattern which includes many neckline, sleeve and even hem options.

I opted to sew this one up for The Musical One.  She has a much larger bust than I do and I think she was feeling a bit left out when her sister took not 1, but 2 Appletons home!

I should take a minute here to point out that I was a tester for this pattern and in exchange I received a free printed pattern.  But Jenny never asks her testers to share their projects with anyone but her - and in fact, I don't think I ever shared these 'better' photos with her.  

The fabric used was a thinnish jersey that I'm guessing I bought from Fabric.com.  There wasn't much - just enough for a top - but the pattern was fun and lovely.
I made a straight size 22G.  And honestly - it looks like she could use more room through the bust.  She loves the length and the curved hem.  

I have plan to make many more of these tees - but for me and no her ;)

April 1, 2016

Knitting Pile O' Shame

I have this pile of knitting on a chair in my house.  It's where I put finished knits before blocking.  And some of these have been waiting for a long time!
And honestly - they didn't all make it in the photo!

From the top:  Hitofude cardigan.  Knit with Cashwool held double.
This took a long time for me to knit - but only because it kept being set aside for other projects.
I finished it while Carolyn was in town in February.

 Next is a basic cowl.  This is another version of the bias loop cowl.
I have at least 2 dresses that will match this cowl and probably a few more items of clothing.

Next is Follow Your Arrow 2.  At this point - I don't even know what clues I followed.

This is a shawl - it was a mystery knit pattern by Wendy Knits and I think I knit it back in 2013.
Yes!  2013.  If I remember correctly, Krystle dyed the yarn for me.

Next - this is Through the Loops Mystery Shawl.  Maybe from 2014.
I love the way this looks.  But if you know me - you know I love prints - so what do I wear this with?

Last in the pile - this lovely half round shawl with a rows of a daisy lace.  
The yarn is Madeline Tosh and it's lovely.  The color is a fabulous neutral.

So - now that I've shared my shame - let's see if I can show you some 'finished' knit photos.
I'm going to aim for by the end of April - but as you can see from my 'avoidance' track record - I make no promises!

What's the longest it's taken you to "finish" something?
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