April 13, 2008

First Day of Vaca

So, Thursday started out being a long day. We took a red-eye flight into New York. I don't do well in small confined spaces. I couldn't sleep, I didn't want to turn the light on because JB was sleeping, so I was fidgety - very, very fidgety. Our plane landed at 6:45 a.m. Eastern Time and we got the hotel (barely alive - no thanks to the New York cabbie who drove us) around 9. Thankfully we were able to check in right away which allowed us to take a nap.
About 12 we headed into the City. We learned how to navigate out way through the subway - really it was one train and it was a straight shot! Anyway . . . after wandering around Times Square for a couple of hours we went to the Wax Museum then went to meet Carolyn at Metro Textiles! W.O.W. We arrived just minutes before Carolyn. Kashi was very gracious and after speaking with me for a few minutes he started setting aside fabrics he thought were 'me.' I knew Carolyn as soon as she walked through the door. She looks exactly like her photo and she was wearing the grey side of her reversible dress from last year's sewing with a plan challenge. I don't believe I have ever seen soo many beautiful fabrics in the same place all at once. I didn't move too far away from the first spot I saw when I walked in. Kashi talked me into that fabulous red and white print he's cutting in the photo and Carolyn suggested a full skirt. Mostly I got cottons, that piece on the top of that stack is a beautiful periwinkle blue linen and I got enough for a skirt and jacket. I also got the softest batiste in both white and black. Carolyn gave me 'permission' to 'go for it' with the white and I told Kashi I'd take 5 yards please - Carolyn just gave me the "mom look" you know, the on that says you've got to be jokin. So, 10 yards of black and 5 yards of the white are currently being shipped to my house. I also got a few other pieces. I promise to show a better picture when I get home. The box should arrive just before I do next week. I'm really looking forward to sewing most of this stuff up and wearing it.
After leaving Metro Textiles, the three of us when to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner - they have the best crab cakes! And no Carolyn, I never did make it to Daytona or M&J. Hopefully, we'll make it back into the City before we head home.
After dinner, Carolyn pointed us in the right direction. We had a few hours to kill before picking up The Princess at Grand Central Station, so we wandered around some more, found the place to get cheap theatre tickets and did more touristy stuff.
I so enjoyed meeting Carolyn. I say, if you get the change to go to New York, look her up! Even without going fabric shopping she's so real and worth meeting!!!


  1. Great new fabrics - I am so jealous!

  2. Wow, what great stuff you got! And you got to meet the Princess in person! Gracie LOVES the toy she got from the Princess (DOT Ornament swap).

  3. What a fabulous sounding trip and gorgeous fabrics!

  4. What a great start to a fabu trip. Can't wait to see and hear more!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics!
    Thank you for my BEAUTIOUS bag - I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I had forgotten about it, so it was an added surprise too! The colors/fabric just scream ME ... big hugs to you!
    Can't wait to see pics of your weekend with the Princess in the city!

  6. fabric envy....love that red print...


  7. tee hee...I am feeling a tad silly but glad to learn that the Princess has such an incredibly cool Mom!

  8. That sounds like an unbelievable time. I love New York City!!!!!!

    The fabrics look so nice I love the red floral:)

    Hope you having a wonderful time!!!!

    Your coffee swap pal


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