June 28, 2009

hand-knit socks

are a good thing. Although wearing wool socks on a hot Summer day - not so much. These really pretty, simple summer socks were made especially for Miss VeeDogKnits. She brought her Army Hubby and came to visit our coast (remember we went to visit theirs last year). Anyway - for my birthday a couple of years ago, she sent me the lovely red Koigu that the main portion of the socks is made from. At the time, I asked if it was in bad taste to make socks for someone using yarn they had gifted to you. I decided it probably was and finally set about knitting my own socks. For some reason though, it didn't look like there would be enough yarn to make my pair, so I ripped them and added contrasting toes, heels and cuffs. Well - duh! Of course there was enough yarn - so much so that I had enough left over to make a similar pair for Miss VDK. But I'm just lame enough that I never got her birthday box in the mail.
As a reminder here's my pair, they are different, they are taller and have a cable running up the side of the foot. But thanks to the same yarns being used they are very similar. Thanks VDK - I love my handknit socks I hope you enjoy yours too. Remember it's Koigu so handwash and dry flat :)

June 27, 2009

some sewing

I meant to get this done before the VeeDogKnits family arrived to hang on the deck, drink beer, and stay long enough to BBQ burgers and have rhubarb. But I couldn't bring myself to head downstairs. However, now that I've got the back-up machine out of the cupboard and programed the remote to work the dvd player attached to the studio tv, it's all good. I know several of you probably caught the reference to the back-up machine and remember that I just bought a new Designer 1. Well, the embroidery unit wasn't calibrated right and the arm wasn't moving properly - so it's spending this week in the shop and will be back in the studio come Monday.
Anyway - I've been working on making some triangle bags. They aren't hard, but getting the dimensions right wasn't as easy at it sounds. Of course I didn't write anything down so who knows if I can recreate the bag this size. It's 9" from one end to the other along the bottom and about 7" at the back seam. Right now I have to balls of Shepherd Classic Wool stuffed inside to show you how large the bag is.
It felt good to get to sewing. I'm about ready to tackle clothing again, soon.

June 25, 2009

Built for her Pleasure

After JB finished the deck, he wouldn't allow me to put the fire pit on the deck. So, just off the edge of the deck he put two pieces of marble that we had been given and had used as a bench in another part of our yard. The original spot of the marble bench was in a spot where nobody could get to. This time the bench is right in the middle of everything and if you are a short dog it puts you in the perfect position to see everything that's going on. Abby has now decided that this bench was built strictly for her pleasure and she does enjoy it. Make sure you check out the other dogs on thursday .

June 20, 2009

something cheerful . . .

that's what the note said, something cheerful . . . . first, can I just say - who has note paper with their dogs on it? Seriously - love it Y. My friend, Purlin'Goldens sent this lovely Ty-Dy Socks. her note said it made her cheerful and she hoped it would do the same for me. She stared as a virtual friend and then I got a chance to meet her when we visited North Carolina in October 2006. Then she stalked me on ravelry and made a comment about a pair of socks she really, really liked. Since she doesn't knit socks (seriously, she sold off all her sock knitting supplies) do you think it was a blatant hint? Miss Y (Purlin'Goldens) also mentioned that she really liked these clog socks (rav link- seriously, what are you waiting for). I have messaged the knitter but have yet to hear back from her. So I think I'll just play with the slip stitch heel a bit and see if I can figure it out. I think I remember that Y wears a size 7.5 shoe. Apparently my goal to knit 12 pairs of socks from yarn I haven't paid for is actually 12 pairs for people other than me :) Thankfully, I can knit this yarn right up and have it count toward that goal, ant this pair will make that goal. To date I have knit 17 pairs of socks in 2009, 16 from yarns I either had or were gifted to me in 2009. I have only bought enough yarn to make 3 pairs of socks this year, one has been knit already. Of those 16 pairs of socks, 5 have been for me and the rest are for others. Of course JB has made out like a bandit receiving 4 pairs.

June 17, 2009

all quiet on the blogging front

I haven't been doing much sewing. finished up fleece dog beds, working on some embroidery layouts for more fleece - baby blankets and crate pads. I have some crafty designs floating around and a few aprons to get made and mailed, but nothing seems to be getting done. there are changes going on around our house - nothing bad, really - just different and taking some getting used to. if you have to know, you can email me and I'll be happy to discuss the changes, but I won't be bloggin' it.

anyway - been reading a lot, working on getting a nice tan, got a hair cut, and I've made a few more pairs of socks, but I'm pretty sure you all are tired of seeing the socks I make.

in other news, we were finally able to connect with the recipient of the rainbow hat and mittens. he was a good sport and even put them one for he photo op. good times - he was very happy, but this is most likely the only time they will ever be warn.

sewing soon - I hope, but no promises. with any luck we'll be catching up with VeeDogKnits (I'd link but she seems to have given up blogging). followed shortly by working with some ASG friends to make a pair of pants.

June 15, 2009

Happy Quarter of a Century!

This post is late - sorry about that, but JB had the laptop which has the camera software all day! Seriously. Anyway - yesterday, Flag Day if you will - The Musical One celebrated 25 years on the planet. She has grown into a remarkable young woman who is dependable, responsible and smart. We are very proud of you. That lovely shrug she is wearing was made by her very own sister - The Princess. In the front seat (looking bored as all get out) is our favorite third child, Miss L. The Musical One had plans lined up for all day with her friends yesterday so as her parents we weren't included in birthday celebrations. She also happens to be dog sitting for a very elderly beagle right now, so she spends a lot of time with the dog. But we will take her out for a combined birthday Father's Day dinner next weekend. Happy Birthday - we are proud of you and love you :)

June 11, 2009

there's a scary photo at the end of this post

Marjie do not scroll down - there's a scary photo at the end of this post. (My apologies to The Monster at the End of this Book - but I couldn't help myself.) The other day I had a hankering for carrot cake. Because I'm not a big do-it-myselfer, I bought a box of cake mix and a canister of frosting. And then while I was fixing dinner I mixed up the cake. Well there isn't much I do in the kitchen without Lucy, kitchenhound extraordinaire right under my feet. (seriously, marjie, don't scroll down.) So, after mixing up the cake batter and dumping it into my sheet pan, I popped the beaters out of the mixer (don't do it - don't scroll down) and licked one of them. Lucy kept her eye on me the entire time. Finally, I called JB and asked him to come into the kitchen with the camera. (Marjie, just click away now - there's a seriously scary photo at the end of this post. You don't like scary photos - don't do it - don't scroll down.)

(you did it anyway - didn't you?)

Yep - Lucy got to lick the second beater. I told you it was scary.

June 9, 2009

Liar, Liar

pants on fire. Me that is. I promised that my next crafty post would be sewing and it's not. I haven't been sewing. What with the current events in my life and the Indiana girls visiting. So what you get is a new finished knitting project. On Tuesday before heading downstairs to meet the gals, I raced downstairs to find sock yarn that didn't need to be wound. This is what I came up with. It KnitPicks Felici in the Fireman Colorway. I started them in the car Tuesday and finished them on Sunday. They are knit toe up, two at a time, magic-looping all the way. 68 stitches on the foot, 1x ribbing over the arch, short row no wrap heel. I decreased 8 stitches after the heel and another 4 before I started the ribbing. He spent the last couple of days finishing the new doors on the back of the house. While you can't really see them in the photo they are now the same deep purple as my front door. And since JB promised not to clean up any paint or stain with his new socks, I let him wear them. Oh and for anyone keeping track - this is pair 15 for the year, 14 from stash yarns and 12 started and finished this year.

June 5, 2009

Blogger Meet Up

My friend Camilla decided to read a book or 4 about vampires and got a little bit obsessed. What started out as a get together for sock summit turned into the "dorks in Forks" tour. With Cami bring with her to Seattle three of her Indiana natives: Melly, Mandy and Noemi - the change came about because of Herr Becher's schedule and it's all good.
On Tuesday, JB and I went down to Pike Place Market to meet the Indiana contingent that came to Seattle (I'm pretty sure the city will never be the same). We met up with them at the Alibi Room and had an adult beverage and some little snacks. Then we headed into the market. One thing you have to do if you are visiting Seattle is catch a salmon. Not that she's shy, but Camilla didn't want to chat up the guy and catch a fish - so I threw her under the bus. Seriously - click on the photo and make it bigger her face is priceless and she did good - she caught it :) Although the fish did have revenge by scratching her.
After Cami pulled off the amazing fish catching feat - the rest of the gang climbed behind the fish counter for the photo op. From left to right in the front is Cami, Noemi, Mandy and Meli is in the back.
After tooling around the market for awhile - JB and I followed the girls back to Meli's sister's house were we had pizza, more adult beverages and tons of great conversation. I had a fabulous time -
bloggers really are some much fun.

June 3, 2009


Here's the lovely apron that Ms. Coffee Yarn sent for me. a couple of things - first how in the world did I let myself get so big? When did that happen? I know many of you would disagree and this isn't really being said to hear "no you look great." It's just an observation on the photo. Second - I often cook dinner in my work clothes. In the process I have ruined many a white t-shirt with tomato sauce and other bubbly things. I haven't had an apron and this one is lovely and will get used. Both JB's and my aprons are right in the kitchen where they can be easily grabbed and donned. I just hope I remember to grab it before the sauce splatters. As you can see - I was wearing jeans under my apron. And is usually the case the dogs had to get into the picture. They really aren't allowed on the deck, mostly because the upper yard isn't fenced and while Beau will listen come back, Lucy is ruled by her nose. she is sniffing the BBQ and Beau is sniffing Coffee Yarn's bassets on the apron. Happy Hump Day - everyone.

June 1, 2009

finished object

the remake of the ankle socks for JB is complete. he wore them and although he wishes the ribbing was tighter i don't know what to do to fix it. these were knit on US1s over 56 stitches. the foot is stockinette with 1x1 ribbing around the arch. this time i used another new to me heel - the no-wrap short row heel. it worked fabulously and there are no gaps and no pesky wrap stitches to pick up! yea. since JB loves a short row heel best this will be the one i turn to from now on.
hopefully soon there will be sewing.
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