February 29, 2008

A Little Bit of

this and that today. Today my heart is heavy. A friend of mine is having her standard poodle Sadie put down today. Sadie has suffered from Liver problems for years and wasn't expected to live more than 6 months from the original diagnosis. My friend has an awesome vet and they have kept Sadie healthy and happy for almost 4 years since that initial diagnosis. But today she reaches the end. Sadie is the same age as my guys. So, if you are so inclined, please keep Sadie, her sister Tiffany who lives in the same house, their minature poodle sister Penny, and my friend in your thoughts today.
How about something a little bit happier? I have been working on that ---> cardigan for more than a year. It's pieces have all been knit and it's just been laying about waiting for assembly. Last night I sat at the kitchen table and sewed the raglan seams as well as attaching the knit lace to the front. Now looking at it - I've gained enough weight that I think it might be too small!
So, on a happier note, last night I stopped at Hancock Fabric's on my way home. I have wanted to make the Carolyn skirt (S5914) in corduroy to go with the sweater. But, of course there's a but, I couldn't find any corduroy that I liked that was the right color. So, I thought I would take a look at Hancocks. I picked up a light tannish beige twill and will be starting a skirt from the view in the lower right corner tonight.
Of course, I hadn't thought enough ahead and had to look through the pattern books to find the number so I knew how much yardage to get. While looking at the pattern books I spotted New Look 6723 and thought it would make a very cute jumper.
Hancocks had wool. 100% wool on sale for 50%. 60" wide, 100% wool. Now I have never sewn with 100% wool to my knowledge other than the wool flannel which I'm sure wasn't pure. Anyway - the combination of a simple jumper and 50% seemed like as good a time as any to start. I got 2 yards of the darker grey (bottom piece in top photo), 2 yards of the grey print and 4 yards of the light taupe. I figured I needed enough for a jumper and a great skirt. So, after I finish was was cut in January - these are up next! Inspiration baby - regardless of season!

My Heart

is heavy for my friend. So I give you photos of the dog who has my heart best.

February 27, 2008


So, Sunday night I finally hung the last curtain panel. That's when I turned my attention to finishing my swap package and getting it out the door. Several years ago, when I worked for a local Viking dealer, I made some really cute dishtowels for The Musical One. So, after cleaning up the curtain mess & putting away the back-up machine (I started the curtains with it, I needed to finish them with it). I then started tearing my sewing room apart again. You see, those previously made dishtowels were so cute and I knew I had put everything together and set it aside to make a set for The Princess. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find them. But I did find 2 packages of purchased dishtowels to start with. Why do they package them in fours? So, I went upstairs, sat with JB and knit! Pouting. Fast forward to Monday morning. I had to get this package out in the mail. I was running out of time to do embroidery. So I went searching online. I found the French Chef's and ordered the COMBO Pack. But I
didn't see the place where you select your design format. They were sent to me in a format for a Bernina. UGH! It's the only format that my Viking software won't open and convert. I also ordered a set of Victorian Girls and Teri's service was exceptional as well. I then gathered opinions from
The Princess and Bonnie and it was decided that we all loved the chefs. So chefs it was. Monday I downloaded the designs and tried opening the chefs. (see above) I emailed the company, told her about my mistake and first thing Tuesday morning I had the designs in the format I needed. Great customer service. Tuesday Morning, I chose thread colors, wound matching bobbins - these are dishtowels and the back will show so I took the extra step of changing the bobbin with each needle thread change. Since there are only three colors per design - no biggie. I also starched the towels to death and used water soluble stabilizer on the back. It took between 30-45 minutes for each design to stitch out. I'm pretty happy with these - I want them! Of course, I don't know about you - but I will never get around to making a set of these for myself. The Princess will get some and I'll make more as other gifts, but I'll always just look longingly at them as I package them mail to someone else.

Is It Too Much?

I do too much well. At least in my opinion. What do you think? I'm getting my Sassy Apron Swap package together. As I was looking at it, I decided to include embroidered dish towels with the apron. I'll do a separate post for the dishtowels - the are cute! Anyway, I changed the recommended colors to pink for the pants and bow tie, grey for the outlines, and green for the words - to match the apron colors. I can tell you that the Saturday towel won't be perfect, because the bobbin ran out and made a little mess, but I don't have time to do a new one, so it will just have to work.
Also included in the package:
Recipe box with 4 handwritten soup recipes;
a new set of measuring cups;
a new set of measuring spoons;
3 new wisks (for cream soups);
a recipe book which is only soups; and
a note pad.
I really wish that my SAS partner had a blog because I have no idea if she will like this or not. Anyway - it's going out in the mail tomorrow. Just a few days before the deadline! WHEW.

February 25, 2008

The Princess' Pink Christmas Gift

The Princess used to have just one winter coat and it was white. Then she moved to Connecticut. She started buying lots and lots of Winter coats. Go figure! I will never understand these girls who have to have 15 winter coats. Thankfully, her pretty pink set matches more than one. Anyway, sometime in October I decided that I would make her a pair of fetchings to have handy for slipping on when she ran Little Ann out to the bus. Of course, when you live in New England in the winter you need to keep your ears warm too. Being a little bit obsessive, the cables on the hat had to match the cables on the mitts. Don't ask why, just know that they do. Also, they have to flow to the end of the hat, they can't just end and leave you with some stitch that wasn't there before.
So knowing this, I cast on for the hat using one size larger needles than I had for the mitts. I cast on enough stitches that the cables where in pairs, with 2 going left then the next 2 going right around the hat. I have no idea how many stitches that was - I didn't write anything down. I knit along for awhile and then dropped a needle size to shart shaping the hat. Then I did a couple of decrease rows taking out one of the cable pairs, went down another needle size, and so on until I had enough stitches left to pull the yarn through and bind off.
I don't know if she actually wears this set, but I made it and it's lovely. It's a beautiful pink merino wool. Sitting in the basement at the computer, I wish that I had made some for myself! It's 50+ degrees outside with the sunshining, but really cold downstairs. No Fair!

Finally Finished!

Because the curtains all look the same, I'm not going to show you yet another picture of them. But trust me when I say they are all hung and I'm doing a happy dance. Now I'm looking for a certain set of embroidery designs, which I'm not finding easily. I would like to embroider a dish towel or two tonight to get a head start on getting my package out in the mail. How was everyone else's weekend?

February 24, 2008

Fruit Pizza

Last Friday night, we had dinner with friends. I was in charge of bringing dessert. The original menu had us all making individual pizzas for dinner with a salad so I said I'd bring fruit pizza for dessert.
Fruit pizza is really easy to make. If you are a baker start the day before. The crust is a huge sugar cookie. Since I don't bake, I start with refrigerate cookie dough. Roll it into a circle, place on a pizza pan, and bake according to the package directions. I don't have a traditional pizza pan anymore only a baking stone. It didn't work so well, the cookie stuck and the dough spread out over the edges and dripped all over my oven. But it tasted good.
Once your cookie has cooled you top it with Strawberry glaze. That's the pizza sauce. After that slice and arrange whatever seasonal fruit you like and have on hand. Mine was topped with kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, pear and banana.
So the dessert was big hit. It's great for potlucks and kids parties. Just remember that sugar cookies spread and don't roll your dough out too thin. Enjoy.

February 23, 2008

I Got a Package!

Yesterday, the mailman rang twice! And I missed him both times. But I saw him at the mailbox and went out to say hi. Upon opening the door I tripped over the package he put right there. I wish I could thank whoever sent it, but there was no name on the label. So thank you - whoever you are! Yep! It's my Sassy Apron Swap package. What fun. The Apron is Yellow and orange - not that anyone can tell in this photo. Also included in the package was a spoon and several recipes. It was taken in the front yard. We are having a glorious day. Already walked the dogs and it was too warm for a coat. Anyway, when we got home, I made some yummy french toast and wore the apron while I was cooking. Hubby didn't get any "in the wild" shots, but it was in there! I did my best to smile when he was taking these pictures. Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored. It's really fine although there's plenty of it. But it's also really static-y and has tons of fly-aways this year. What causes that? Now, it's time to get off the computer and finished the never ending curtain project so I can complete my SAS partner's package and get it in the mail on time :) Happy Sewing everyone (or knitting outside in the sunshine if you're so inclined).

February 22, 2008

Simplicity 3673 Makes a Debut

Okay, so I finally wore the embroidered grey flannel dress made from S3673. I went with Shannon's suggestion and paired it with a black turtleneck, black tights, and black pumps (because I don't have the right black boots). I also wore the pearls that JB gave me for our 10th anniversary.
Anyway, I know the dress is too big from under the bust on down. It was suggested at my last ASG meeting that I take it the center dart just in the front. That would make a difference and probably make me feel more comfortable. However, I can't manage to keep my weight steady and I hate to take the dress in and then not be able to wear it at all. I did get lots of compliments on the dress at knitting night and it was very comfortable all day.
By the way, nobody is home when I get ready for work except the dogs and there's that whole issue with opposible thumbs, so I had to wait until the end of a very long day, knitting night, and watching the eclipse to get JB to take some photos.
Can anyone tell me why one of my dogs always feels compelled to get into the photo?

February 21, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We learned a long time ago that 4 dog beds are tooo many and 3 are tooo few. Go figure. When we have 4 dog beds Dudley & Abigail will always share. However, when there's only 3 beds, Dudley is too good to share with Abby without being prodded, poked and physically moved. So, when I got home from knitting last night, and everyone had settled this was the sight that greeted me - Abby on one bed, see how she hogs most of it by the way she positions her body? Dudley laying on one bed all by himself. Amazing how big a small dog can make himself - no?
Beau was taking up an enitre bed by himself. Although he's a big dog, so not so much of a hog! Then, if you look at the last photo - poor Lucy is laying on the floor, between the beds and the loveseat. She was chewing on a bone, so don't feel too sorry for her, but still - the floor is hard and cold!
This morning I did a search on both amazon and barnes and noble for a book tht B&N has on display in their window. It's either called My Dog is as Stinky as Smelly Socks or My Dog is as Smelly as Stinky Socks. Obviously this is a childrens book. However, just the title cracks me up. I have never gone looking for it in the store and I couldn't find it on the two websites. But I want this book - badly. JB won't let me get it, because obviously if you've ever had a hound or been around one you know they truly are as stinky as smelly socks!!
Happy DOT!!

February 20, 2008


So, there were lots of questions about yesterday's post. Stacy wanted to know if that was Jumbo Rick Rack and asked how wide it was. So, just for Stacy, I took a closer picture of the trim. The baby blue is one of the ones that was hanging on the new screen yesterday. It's measures about 1 3/8" wide from zig to zag and is true rick rack just like the baby stuff. The brown is 2" wide and I got it at last year's Sewing & Stitchery Expo. It is really grosgrain ribbon which is cut to resemble rick rack. The Jumbo stuff is available at a local fabric store for I think it was $1.79/yard. Next Claire asked about the screen. It came in a box from Cost Plus World Market and is called the Potrero Accessory Screen. Finally, Camilla, Yvonne, and Blogfree Jessica wanted to know how that little bitty screen kept the dogs out of the studio. Well - it's only meant to keep them out when they are sleeping. When they are awake they are either outside or wherever we are. When I am in the studio - I move the screen out of the way and the dogs can come in. However, since Lucy really is a goat in dog's clothing I need to keep her out when I'm not around. Otherwise she eats ball winders, pin cushions, zippers, patterns, and sock yarn. However, she doesn't know how big she is or what she's capable of, so with the screen there - she is effectively locked out :) Easy peasy lemon squeezy! By the way - Camilla - go check out Yvonne's blog (follow the link above) she's considering crossing over into sock knitting. Go - work your voodoo!

February 19, 2008

Studio Update

Hmm - calling the space where I sew a "studio" sounds so pretentious. But . . . In the ongoing attempt to keep the dogs out of the "studio," JB had the great idea of using a folding screen to close the opening of the space. So this past weekend we went shopping. This is what we came up with. That heavy black line is actually a shelve. From the other side, this is what I see when I'm inside the studio. This is called the accessory screen from Cost Plus and I like it. It's lightweight, which is important because I have to move it to get in and 'close' the door when I leave. It has a shelve (which we put on the outside, a metal basket, 3 hooks, and a hanging set of rods. From the rods I hung some fabric that was hanging around. The bottom two you have seen before - they are for a new knitting bag, and the top 3 pieces plus the trim shown are for another apron ~~ this time for Miss C who mocked the color choices when I was describing them.

February 18, 2008


Have you joined yet? Ravelry is awesome. I would love to see my friends Blogfree Jessica and D join. Since they are choosing to remain blogfree - this would be a great way to know what they are up to.
I love the Notebook feature. You can see my projects as well as my stash which I spent the morning photographing and cateloging. You can make stuff for trade/sell. There is a wonderful inventory for needles and hooks as well as a library.
And now - after 3 posts in one day - I'm going to make a cup of tea and work on the last of the curtain panels!

How Many Socks?

29 Pairs, plus the 2 that are in the "in process basket" but aren't actually started. Guess I better get off this computer and start knitting! (Apparently, I have a sock addiction - you think?)

Fiber Arts

Since this was a long weekend and the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival was being held locally. My friends D and R decided that we should take a road trip. So, we all piled into D's vehicle and those of us who weren't driving knit on the trip down. Of course, before heading down we checked out the Marketplace. I knew heading in that I was coming home with some Socks that Rock but wasn't sure what else. I have been thinking about adding some needle felting to the blue dress that Mary sent me, but unfortunately, I didn't find any roving to do the job. Once I'm ready to work on that dress - I'll head over to Village Yarn & Tea with the dress and see if I can make something work. Anyway - while we were wandering around the marketplace - D swears that she saw The Harlot and chatted with her for a moment, but by the time she got our attention Steph was just the back of another head walking away (we belive you D, really).
So, there is the results of my fiber shopping trip with friends - just sock yarn.

February 17, 2008

February 15, 2008

One Thing at a Time

See that? <---- Over there? That's the basket that that lives next to me on the couch - my favorite seat in fact. That's my pile of knitting in progress. From the top left - moving clockwise - the greenish brown is Cascade 220 for the contrast trim of the lattice & lace cardiagan; next - Trekking XXL 2 toes up at the same time for JB; next - Pink Princess socks; lattice & lace cardigan pieces; last - baby sweater minus buttons. Then, I don't think I've ever shown the finished pieces of the twin set that is being made from that --> yarn. The shell is pink with the brown trim and the cardigan is brown with the pink trim. It looks wonderful in the photo, but in real life the shaping was horrible. So - I ripped the top of the shell apart and am waiting to redesign the shaping. Meanwhile, I put the cardigan on hold too. Like I didn't have enough going on, this week I cast on this shawl for a gift. So for the next couple of days, I'm just going to breath and work through one project at a time. Hopefully next week I'll have at least one finished project to show.

February 14, 2008

V-Day Winner!

JB did good this year! We haven't done anything for years, just doesn't make a difference. Well, this year he left a very cute card by the lamp on my bedside table last night and then left another sweet card on the bathroom sink. This is what that card said:
When people are married as long as we’ve been, they sometimes neglect to express their feelings as often as they should. Sometimes they forget, sometimes they just take it for granted that it’s understood . . . And sometimes “I love you” just doesn’t seem strong enough to express the deep emotions they feel. I know I’m guilty of not telling you “I love you” as often as I should. So today, for all the times I should have said it, I want to say “I love you” . . . And I mean it now more than ever.
R.Duvall The photos are some of my favorite from our wedding. We celebrated out 13th anniversary on December 31st. We got married outside in Western Washington in the middle of Winter. I had no idea it was cold until my feet got wet.
So, even thought I'm still exceptionally cranky today - this card and looking through the wedding album this morning to find these pictures did my heart some good. Hope you're heart gets some "good" today too.

Slobbery Dogs

I don't have any new photos of the dogs - they haven't been remarkably cute or funny lately. Quite frankly they have just been slobbery and drooly and wanting to leave their doggy slime trails all over me - gross!!

And, since I seem to be super crankly these days - I don't find slobber and drool amusing. YUCK!

So, since it's Hallmark Holiday No 1. of 2008, I'll set the cranky aside and love up on their slobbery faces (right after I towel them off!).

Here's a little cute story - it's all I've got. Earlier this week when JB stopped to get dog food. He picked up some small, inexpensive toys for Lucy. She's really our toy player-wither. Anyway, in the photo below you can see she wants to take a nap but keep her toy safe from Beau - all at the same time. She did it!

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