April 17, 2008

Fred & Henry

While I am away from my own hounds on vacation, I have been accosting every dog I have run across. It helps that we are spending the better part of our vacation with Jessica, Jason, Fred & Henry.
Fred is over <---- there. Fred is a 4 year old Vizsula. He is a tiny little thing, completely high strung and a little bit freaky. The first morning, he forgot we were there and barked at both JB and myself when we got up. He is used to us now!
Henry is older, he is greyer and larger than Fred. Henry is a very, very sweet soul. He is a such a nice, gentle dog. His favorite thing to do is to pack his 'dollies' around in his mouth. Once he has one or two of his favorites, he'll walk past you so you can try to take them. Should you actually manage to grab hold of one, he will tug until he pulls you over. In the photo - he is pouncing on pretend moles.
Because Fred & Henry go everywhere with their people, unlike my dogs who get left home with a dog sitter, here you can see them both at Niagara Falls - the Canadian side.


  1. Hello Fred and Henry! I can't wait to show Pop and Shadow your picture at the Falls...

  2. Hey GF's! G, I hadn't checked your blog 'cause I knew you were away. DUH! The pics of you and Jess and the dogs and the tales of your vacation are great. Made me wish I was there (sticking lower lip out) I saved the pics to my desktop so I can be nearer to my GF's. I'm wearing my DWOA sweatshirt as I sit her.
    Give Jess a hug!

  3. Looks like you're having a lot of fun!! What pretty babies.

  4. How nice to be visiting Niagara Falls. The Canadian side is so pretty and the Canadians take such care to make sure it stays that way. Glad the dogs were able to have fun with you, too. But, I know you miss your little pack.

  5. I agree, the Canadian side is gorgeous. What good looking doggies!


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