April 26, 2018

Just Another Bowling Shirt

I really have to come up with some way to spice up these shirts for JB.  Honestly - I'm getting bored with sewing them and I'm sure you're tired of reading about them.  Honestly, there is nothing new to say.  I'm still using McCalls 4399 and just changing up the fabrics, buttons and how I sew the hems and button bands - as in accents with the thread. 

This fabric was a quilting cotton that I purchased at the craft store probably 5 years ago.  I liked the print.  I bought 4 yards - which is honestly about 1/2 yard too much, but I like knowing I can match the print across the button bands.  Once I got fussy about matching the pattern across the button bands, I started cutting the shirt out from a single layer of fabric.  I have a full back pattern piece and only 1 front pattern, 1 sleeve and 1 collar.  Oh and the pocket pattern which I trace off several.  I did a blog post back in October about how I match the pattern - you can read it here.  So far, I haven't been too worried about matching the print up across the side seams, but I imagine that's coming next.  

In this photo - JB is showing you the barn door he installed over the panty opening in the B&B.  He did a great job.  That door gets so many comments.  

Nobody know what's he's doing here.  But he was ready for me to snap the photo so he could breathe!  Doesn't this fabric scream tropical vacation?  

In this photo, you can see I nailed the print matching!  Also - can you spot the pocket?  This shirt has one.  In fact, all of his recent shirts have a pocket - he needs someplace to keep his glasses!  The buttons were in a baggie of shirt buttons I either added from a FabricMart purchase or from Fashion Sewing Supply - I can't remember which.  They were perfect for this shirt.  I always add 7 buttons, so they are spaced a little closer than the pattern indicates.  I use my simflex for positioning the buttons evenly up the placket and start the first one at the bottom, the same distance as the side slits.  

April 20, 2018

An Oldie

So this morning when I was getting dressed, I grabbed a fun trapeze dress and some tights.  As you are aware - my personal blog has suffered a little bit with the move to B&B ownership.  I try really, really hard to blog over at the B&B every week - but lots of things that I've made don't make it to my blog these days. 

I'm getting dressed and I think - I'm sure I've blogged this.  I made it forever ago!  In fact, I made it before we moved in anticipation of making The Princess some maternity dresses.  But kids these days don't want lose flowing maternity clothes, they want to rock the bump!  Oh, and I never even offered this dress to the Princess - although she would have looked much cuter wearing this that I do - even with her baby bump.

The pattern is McCalls 7348 a learn to sew for fun pattern.  I made view A - scooped neck, short sleeves and straight hem.  I feel like the dress is a bit short for me - so I only wear it with tights - no bare legs on me with this one.  The fabric was from a FabricMart bundle and I loved it! 

If I remember correctly - this was a quick easy sew done completely on the sewing machine.  I used my duck bill scissors to trim the extra seam allowances away from the neck band and hems. 

What I'd do next time:

  • add about 3" in length
  • scoop out the neckline a bit more  
You can see from the side view here that it's a bit short for me.  Today was very, very windy and I was a bit worried about flashing people in the Lowe's parking lot - but I made it through without inflicting permanent damage on anyone.  

While this maybe isn't the best silhouette for me to wear, I don't really care.  It's a comfortable t-shirt dress that I feel confident throwing on and heading into the kitchen in the morning.  I also don't worry about cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms or doing laundry in this dress - it's that's comfortable.  And I feel put together.   
The booties are from Clarks from several years ago.  They are super comfortable and I finally found some new leather laces to replace the one broken lace so they are back in rotation again. 

Oh, and check out the arbor that JB built in front of our side of the house.  It's a huge beast of a thing - there are 4 sets of posts and three arbor tops.  There are berry bushes and climbing roses at each of the sets of posts.  I can't wait until I can send him out in the morning to pick fresh berries to serve at breakfast - that time is coming and I'm excited for it! 

So - do you have anything you know may not be the most flattering on you but you wear it anyway? 

Oh - and look how long my hair is getting!  And can you tell I'm letting the gray just come in?  I'm not sure JB is thrilled - but I don't mind it.
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