March 30, 2007

What is Happening to Me?

I hate having my picture taken. Why can't I look all fab and glamorous like Erica, Beki (even without her head) or any of the Diva's. But no, I always look stupid. Plus - I really look like I need some sun! That would be Miss Abigail at my feet - she always has to be the center of attention. This skirt was great fun to wear all day. Didn't wrinkle at all! I felt feminine and swooshy.

shy! Hubby didn't do a great job with the photography and you can't really see how cool the print is! Trust me ~~ it's a great black cotton with white swirls all over it! I ran out of the skirt and trouser type of waistband hooks, so it is held shut with a safety pin - but nobody knew that until right now!!

I'm wearing it with the yellow t-shirt I made last summer and think it would work well with any bright solid color top. Eventually it will be worn with Vogue 2561. That top will be made in a white cotton pique with black gingham trim. This is the top done in green and white on the cover of the December/January 2007 Vogue Patterns Magazine (sorry I wanted to link but there was no photo!).

Okay, so back to the title - what is in the world is happening to me. I love to make clothing, but once they are made I'm done with them. I rarely alter anything - ever! Don't care how much I love it. If there is something wrong with a garment after it's finished, well it doesn't get fixed, it just doesn't get worn.

I finished the Pink Vogue dress and posted a photo of it hanging on my fabric cupboard a few posts back. When I tried it on - there was a ton of excess fabric right at the small of my back! It was icky! I felt uncomfortable. Well I love that fabric and the dress would be very fun to wear - full skirt, shawl collar. Didn't want to give up on it. So last night, before falling asleep on the couch at 8:30, I unpicked the back waist seam. This morning I adjusted the bodice only to take out some of the excess fabric from the bodice, sewed the seam and tried it on. It fits much better - unfortunately, the waist seam is now much higher than my waist in the back. I think this is a much better option that the extra fabric - at least now I'll wear it. And because I only took the excess fabric out of the bodice - the hem is still even. I might still need to find/make a belt to wear with it to hide the rising seam (not that anyone but another seamstress would ever know). But I think I'll wear it to work today - I'm happy. I actually altered something after the fact!!

Today I will leave you with a photo of Miss Abby trying to suffocate herself in an ice cream bucket! I know - dogs aren't suppose to have people food, but mine have always got to clean the empty ice cream carton and it was her turn. It's funny, because she deliberately sets the carton upright and then puts her head in - clear up to her eyebrows! She can only lick the carton so long before she has to come up for air. Silly dog :)

March 29, 2007

Black Graphic Skirt

is finished! Got it done in the past two morning of sewing instead of surfing! I used the El's technique for inserting an invisible zipper and it looks great!!! I am wearing it with a yellow knit top I made last summer. Hopefully, if I'm not too wrinkled when I get home, I can have a family member take a photo. Although I did have a Doh! moment. I forgot that on this skirt pattern I have adjusted it so it falls gracefully over my baby bearing hips, and that my waist is considerably smaller. So what I generally do is cut the waistband 2 inches larger than my waist, baste the top of the skirt and then ease the skirt to fit the waistband. All's good. Did it on this skirt - the Doh! moment - forgot to do it on the Daisy Skirt. Since I cut a good 4-5" off the waist band pattern piece I can guarantee the skirt will be too big! So, guess what I get to do tonight? Right! Pick out top-stitching and some stitching-in-the-ditch so I can take the waistband off, make it smaller and then reattach it! Sometimes, I need to stop and think.

March 27, 2007

A Little Show & Tell

So - who knows what this is? Right, it is a shot of the bathtub in my masterbathroom. I was getting creative with photos this morning! But what else is it? Anyone? Anyone? It's the finished Man Sweater! Except for the front each piece of this sweater was knit twice - including the neck band. I then let it soak in a vinegar/water solution for more than 24 hours in an attempt to set the color. Then it got a gentle wash in cool water and baby shampoo. Now, it's resting. I might toss it in the dryer for a very few minutes on the fluff setting in an attempt to 'shrink' it just the tiniest bit. This Saturday is the Annual Basset Bash and JB is hoping to wear The Man Sweater - weather cooperating, Sunday will see lots of dog photos and action shots of the sweater! Next up - last night I finally finished the handwork on the Pink Dress. This is fabric that I bought at Expo. I tried it on last night and don't love it. I was right in thinking that it needed a slight alteration in the bodice for a sway back. It'll be fine and I'll wear it - but I might look for a belt. There is too much fabric in the back waist. Moral of the story - always go with your gut! In the Queue: *This morning I rethreaded the machines with black thread - since I already have the black graphic print cut in KS 3337 - it doesn't take long to assemble and this one has nothing fancy added to it - just down and dirty a new skirt. *After that I want to make a lining for the next version of the above skirt. I have 2 wonderful pieces of black and white print - one predominately black the other white. How I see this coming to life is with the black as the top portion of the skirt. I plan on binding the lower edge with a solid white fabric. The border will be the white fabric bound with a solid black. Instead of putting the two pieces together with a traditional seam - I will lap the seam so the white binding shows over the white fabric. This skirt will be lined with a lightweight white cotton. The reason the lining is being made next is because I then see a very pretty cotton lace showing from the bottom of the skirt. This lace has to be attached to the lining and has to be fairly substantial so it doesn't look like my slip is slightly too long, but like I intended for the lace to show. I couldn't find what I wanted - so over the next couple of tv nights - I will crochet the lace directly onto the lining all by myself! *While I'm crocheting the lace for the black/white skirt the actual project will be the dress from the purple box prints also from Expo. This one I have muslined, complete with a swayback adjustment, and won't take long to sew. I have way more plans - but that should keep me busy for awhile. So - I'll leave you with a parting shot. Abby was standing in the dining room this morning waiting to see which way I was going - into the living room or downstairs - come on Mom - make up your mind!!!

March 26, 2007

Daisy Skirt Complete!

So, Saturday night was JB's monthly poker game. The potluck idea went over great although some people still showed up foodless and ate! But since nobody (but me-I don't eat BBQ) went hungry, I guess it was all good. Anyway - Claire showed up. After determining that her arms were no longer long enough for her to work on her tiny, tiny crochet thread - she managed to get another motif started. She is making the most incredible thread crocheted bedspread. While she was working on that - I worked on the pink and brown daisy skirt. After sewing the seam under the zipper 3 times - it finally looked great! I didn't serge or finish any of the seam at all - may be a bad move, but for now - I'm living with it. Although it didn't need it - I wanted something between the main skirt fabric and the polka dot border. I was thinking a decorative stitch in brown - but Claire suggested a ribbon. Sunday, after hemming the skirt, I headed out to JoAnn's. I had a little sample of the two pieces sewn together. I was on a mission. I had an idea, but was exactly sure what I wanted. I did however know what I didn't want. Then I saw button cards with 3 different colored daisy buttons - one pink, one purple and one yellow. Hmmm - the brown fabric is a daisy print. But there were only 2 button cards and I really wanted an odd number that wasn't one! So I dropped them in my basket and kept shopping. Next stop - the ribbon isle. I found a wide brown ribbon with white saddle stitching on it - would work, maybe. I also found a pink ribbon, again maybe. Then I found a plain white grossgrain ribbon - hmm. What I ended up doing was stitching the white ribbon to the edge of the two fabrics in the skirt with a double needle threaded with both brown and pink thread. I ended up finding another daisy button card, so after applying the ribbon I sewed three pink daisy buttons right over the ribbon at the seam where the front and side panels connect. I even sewed the hook and eye on - so it's complete! Now I want to make this sweater from Mag Knits to go with it. I was thinking of knitting the body in pink with a white trim where the blue is in the original pattern. I could get away with white - but as soon as I saw the dogs it would be dirty and that's a heck of a lot of work to only wear a couple of times before the dogs destroy it!!
Lastly - Thanks to Summerset, I have finally decided on a pattern for the brown polka-dot fabric. I'm really leaning toward the blue sleeveless view with the cross-over front and a full skirt.
Friday between doctor's appoints - I stopped by Hancock fabrics and bought a very pretty textured pink home dec fabric to make a jacket that will match with the polka-dot dress. I also got some white pique, some black/white ginham, some plain black and white cotton for linings and almost 4 yards of Gonzaga print cotton. You see - my boss is a huge Gonzaga Bulldogs basket ball fan - so PJ pants and most likely some pillows as a birthday gift!! Sunday - after shoping I decided that after purchasing materials to make the knit sweater above - I'm going to create from stash from now until we get back from the Grand Canyon at the end of May. Tomorrow - I'll list the projects floating around in my mind - more to keep me on track of what I want to get made.

March 21, 2007

Lots on My Mind

- Even More on the Cutting Table! So, lately I have been on a cutting streak. Which, quite frankly - I don't know why I do that. I tend to not want to sew something ever if it has been sitting around cut out too long! Kinda like guilt for leaving it there!!! So, what's on my table, you ask. Curtains are still there from last summer - waiting on JB to hang the new hardware so I can figure out how long they need to be. 2 (yep two) Peggy Sager's Jean Jackets. One is a stretch twill from Timmel Fabrics and has been cut out since last May? The other is a home deck fabric that I bought last fall. I purchased enough to make a skirt and the jacket - which won't be worn together. Also hanging around from long ago is a Santa Monica T. All this needs is side seams and hems! Lame oh!!! Recently cut - the pink and brown kwik sew skirt. A black and white graphic swirl print from the same pattern and two more pieces of black and white for another version of the kwik sew skirt. The black and white version is from view B (just like the brown & Pink) - I am seeing this skirt with some white binding on the bottom of the black pieces and then putting the banding on with a lapped seam - placing the white under the black. I then want to put black binding on the bottom on the white pieces. I'm considering adding some black lace to the lining so that it is longer than the outer pieces and shows all the time. That is, if I can find some lace that doesn't look cheap and polyester. I wasn't going to line this skirt, but the quilting cotton is so thin - especially the white print that I don't really have a choice. I also want to cut out the purple print dress before I move onto sewing :) Yea, maybe I should wait on that. Also - going on - Knitting! I finished all the big pieces for The Man Sweater and last night while I was watching American Idol - I sewed up the shoulder seams and set in the sleeves. Tonight I want to sew while watching mindless TV - but hopefully this week I can get the neckband done, the side seams sewn, soak this puppy to try and set the color and block it! I also started the Lattice Sweater and I'm swatching for the Plymouth Twin Set. The other stuff on my mind is not sewing related and I'm looking for thoughts. Many of you know - from reading my blog - that JB hosts poker at our house once a month. Most of the guys who show up - expect dinner, they also drink our beer and alcohol - and never bring anything or offer any money for pizza! When the other guy used to host - he wouldn't let you eat unless you forked over at least a couple of bucks to help offset the cost. Well last month I spent $45 on pizza and another $45 at the liquor store. I'm tired of this - we aren't made of money. It really annoys me that they just expect for me to feed them without so much as a thank you from most of them. Last night I told JB that the plan for this month is as follows - I'll pick up a roast and cook it overnight in the crock pot, in the morning I'll shred it and add BBQ sauce. We'll provide buns - if you want to eat, you need to bring a side dish! The roast will cost less than 3 pizzas at Papa Murphy's and everyone can have a nice meal - ready all at the same time. Does this sound okay - or rude?

March 19, 2007

Best Intentions!

Well I had every intention of finishing my pink dress yesterday. However - JB had other ideas. First, we took the dogs to a new park. It was kind of a dud, but they did figure out how to army crawl under the split rail fence to get to the creek! They love playing in the water - doesn't matter to them how cold it is outside. Then I ran errands, including grocery shopping! UGH! Got home, put groceries away and headed downstairs to the sewing space. Only to be yelled at by JB that he might need my help. He was going to take some dead trees down and I might need to drive the truck. That was at 4 p.m. at 7:45 I finally got back into the house - tired, sore, and cold and we managed to take down 5 dead trees. Of course another section of our fence and one section of arbor got damaged in the process. Neighbors were coming out of the woodwork to watch - fun was had by all *but me!! Hope everyone else had a productive sewing weekend.

March 17, 2007

Guest Blogger

Beauregard James here. I'm taking over the blog today because I need to talk to Henry, Sheeba, Lucy, and any other doggies out there who's mom (or dad) makes them model their finished projects. Unless you're Trixie - it's just not okay! Remember when my mom did this (scroll down) to me? Well it's not okay! Sheeba - did you ever kill your mom? I hope not, because my mom really likes her blog, but I have noticed that you haven't been a featured model lately. At least that's good news. Anyway - look what mom made Lucy do!! Mom had been busy making aprons. She made lots of them over the holidays - One for the Princess (which is much cuter than this one, but the Princess won't send a picture). She made one for a friend of Dad's wife with card suites all over it. She made these 2 half aprons that have dogs (dogs!) on them. And she made another short pink one that she gave away. But she made Lucy model one of them. Lucy can't cook. She doesn't need an apron - I don't care how cute it is. If you could see Lucy's face - instead of just her back - well you could she that clearly isn't pleased that Mom made her wear an apron! Here's a far away picture of The Princess wearing the apron. You can see that she has her hands in the pockets. Anyway - Henry - my mom made these 2 aprons which are almost identical for your mom (but she has to promise not to make you or Fred model them) and the other one for Sunny's mom Yvonne. These aprons have rickrack all around them - down the panel seams, around the pockets and the hem. The only difference between them is one has pink rickrack and the other has white. So - Henry, post a message in the comments and tell me which one you want. I'll try not to get too much slobber on it when I box it up - but I'm afraid if I don't get it in the mail soon mom might try and make me wear it! Then I'd have to join Sheeba and kill her!! I'm a big handsome boy bloodhound, I definitely don't cook - I eat a lot all the time - but somebody else has to cook it for me! Now - I'm headed back to my bed to rest. All of this typing is tough! I don't know how the people do it so much - my feet are tired! Hope everyone gets to spend the day in exactly the way that makes them happy (for me, it's sleeping, eating, and playing with my toys!).

March 16, 2007

It's Been One Year

since I started this little blog - for the sole reason of being able to leave comments on Carolyn's blog. Prior to Carolyn starting her blog, I would read Yarn Harlot religiously. I also really enjoyed Mardel, especially her knitting blog, and Liana. I also spent more time reading Sewers Guild (I can't remember now if this is actually the correct name) which sadly no longer exists. I participated in the first three (!) SWAPs hosted by Julie of Timmel Fabrics. Another of my favorite websites, was Gigi's now defunct website. I must say that once I saw a fabulous garment on Gigi's website and I emailed her to ask how she had added the placket to the neckline of a super cute t she'd made. She emailed me back with all the instructions I could ever hope for! Since starting this blog - I have found new friends - both virtual and real! For example I met Little Miss - and I like her and consider her a friend. In fact, I tricked her into becoming co-leader of our neighborhood ASG group with me :) She's so cool, she didn't even mind!

I met and chatted with Cape Cod Mary for quite awhile - we have a lot in common - we both have bloodhounds and basset hounds, we both work in the area of law, and we are both still learning with the sewing curve. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Mary in comments lately, she's blogless so I can't check on her that way - I hope she's doing okay.

It's funny how much of a connection I feel to you gals over the Internet. I feel -through reading your blogs, sharing emails and comments - that I actually "know you." I consider most of you 'friends' and I'm always shocked when one of you links to me! Also, I wouldn't think twice about trying to meet any of you if I was in your fair City for a vacation. And, what's even more amazing, my husband no longer thinks it's weird that I have to meet my 'virtual friends' in real life when the opportunity arises.

Through comments I have learned what your favorite fitting books and general reference books are. I have learned where the 'best' places on the Internet are to buy fabric (much to my husband's dismay). I have found people who can relate and support my issues with weight management and my fear of using "good" fabric. And I've found some really cool - new to me blogs. I'd like to send you guys to a few :) **Randi's I Have to Say **Done by Tuesday **Stephanie Sews **Gorgeous Things **Sew West (Nan Flan) **Stitches and Seams - who I 'knew' from reading the PMB threads **Newmans Needle

There are many, many more blogs that I read daily. What I have learned is that most of us are in the same boat, we're constantly learning new things, stepping outside our comfort zone, taking classes and sharing information. I simply cannot express how thankful I am for all the support I have found through this blog - and all of yours - for what can be a very solitary hobby.

I promise this weekend to update the links on my sidebar. There are a ton of knitting blogs that I read that aren't listed. There are several sewing blogs that aren't listed - I don't know why. I wonder - how many of you follow links on the sidebar? I tend to read comments (from my blog and others) and follow links from comment posters.

Often, I feel a self-imposed idea that I need to be funnier, or make you think more, or whatever. But you are still coming back and leaving comments, so I think I'll just continue what I'm doing. Posting thoughts, photos, ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. So, thank you all for a wonderful year in blogland and for all the support and encouragement that you offer. Thank you :)

March 15, 2007

Thank You, Thank You!

There were some absolutely wonderful comments in response to my Begging post. I hope the answers give Jessica the courage to start making herself some cute summer skirts and then taking off from there! I have actually been sewing this week. I'm working on V8063 from the pink print I got at Expo from Billie's Fabrics. Last Saturday I had the muslin ready to go and had my ASG group help with some fitting issues. I needed to take it in a bit at the side seams through the bodice and let it out just a smidge on the back only - through the hips. It's funny how different fitting issues will give the same problem. I thought at first glance that I needed to do a swayback adjustment and shorten the back bodice piece through the center because I was getting horizontal wrinkles at the waist. The group opinion was that there wasn't enough room through the hips for the skirt to fall and I needed to add just a bit through the hips to stop the wrinkling. Thank goodness for the eyes of others! I have the bodice almost complete (one more armhole to handstitch) and I'm hoping to attach the skirt tonight. Next up is this fabulous print that I got at Vogue Fabrics. Again - I have a muslin of the dress done - this will be Simplicity 3877 - View A - the shorter length, but I think I'm going to have long sleeves. With the dark, rich colors in this print - this dress will work from Fall clear through the Spring. I'm a little disappointed that it isn't really a wrap - but I'll get over that. At least it will stay closed - which is always a good thing, especially when at work :) Finally - does anyone remember this fabric that I got at Hancocks? I absolutely love this fabric and it's screaming to be another multi-season dress. The problem is that I can't figure out which one! I measured the fabric again and I have darn close to three yards of 60" wide fabric. After seeing Claire's recent pattern binge, I had to get a few of the same patterns. I mean really - they were only 99 cents! I did have a project in mind - that polka-dot fabric. So this is what I got and what I think about using the polka-dot fabric for each dress. This is always where I'm looking for opinions - so let's hear them :) First up is Butterick 4996 - I like the neckline on this dress, but I'm not sure about the polka-dots with this one. I think they might be a little big - also - I don't like the godets on the skirt portion of this dress. They are the really rounded ones and the seams really stand out - at least in the white fabric used on the pattern envelope. I like the idea of the top and skirt - but honestly, I don't know if I would wear them together if they were actually 2 pieces. Any thoughts about that? Next ix Butterick 4978. Again, I like the neckline on this dress - what I'm not sure about here is the bias cut skirt - the English What Not to Wear girls say that bias skirts cling to your hips and thighs - not really an area I need to make stand out more! I have enough fabric for this dress (the shorter one). But I'm not sure the fabric is a good choice for this pattern. The envelope calls for georgette, chiffon, and/or matte jersey. I have a poly. Any ideas about this one - is it a disaster waiting to happen to if I join this pattern with that fabric? The last pattern I bought is not about the dress at all, but about the Jacket. Carolyn issued a challenge to me in my comments to make a jacket. She suggested one of the lined Lois Hinse patterns - since I don't have any of those and $1 was much less expensive for a first effort than the $16 of most of her patterns - I decided this could be a great jumping off point. Also - if I could find the right fabric this jacket would be great with the polka-dot dress. So that's my plan. So, what would you all suggest that I use to fabricate this jacket and where is the best place to find it? Otherwise I'm going to end up using some sort of crap fabric from JoAnns or Hancocks and will probably never make another jacket! Happy Sewing all - hope to have projects to show soon! The Princess is coming by for dinner tonight (oh the joys of a free meal with the folks after you've moved out!). I'm hoping to get her to model the aprons that I recently finished. I'm also feeling good about having a couple of new dresses to share by the weekend.

March 7, 2007

I'm Begging You!

My Friend Jess, who is blogless but occasionally posts in comments, wants to learn to sew clothing - for herself. She is young, cute, hip, trendy, childless (although she has two dogs). Currently she is living in Kansas - which is far from where I am to help her. She knits and can follow a knitting pattern and before her hubby got his marching orders (career Army) that had them leaving California - she started quilting. We have discussed quilting and while Jess and I both love the look of it - it's too matchy-matchy for both of us. So - here's where I'm needing all your help. If you could only have one fitting book, what would it be? Does it have pictures? Is it easy to find the answer? I like Fast Fit by Sandra Betzina - but I don't like her pictures. They are always drawings and it's hard to know if that really is the problem that I'm having. How about a basic technique book? You know, the one that shows different seam finishing, talks about straightening fabric and laying pieces out "on the grain." Again, does this book have pictures? Are they clear and make sense? On the 'net who has the best helpful information. What blogs would give her helpful information - that's not too in depth, but not geared toward a total moron? I'm sure you all know what I'm getting at. Jess' birthday is around the corner and I would like to put a care package together for her. I know she'll read this entry and hopefully there will be tons of comments she can read too. Jess recently asked me in an email for an easy skirt pattern. All my favorite skirts have zippers and waistbands - maybe not the best for someone just starting out. We want success here folks! She's looking for something with an elastic waistband. So, again, what's your favorite easy skirt pattern. Something that will give sewing satisfaction so she continues to learn. Currently she's looking at making some cute summer skirts from quilting cottons. I personally like to use quilting cottons for summer skirts - they don't have to be lined, are generally quick to make, and I always feel great wearing a cute skirt that nobody else has. So - I'm begging you - please post a comment. Let me know what the one reference book is that you refer back to time and time again. The one that helps you figure out layout and the best seaming. The one that leads you toward different ways to insert elastic to get a smooth waistband. Which fitting book shows you if the bust is too tight, or how to adjust for wide hips and/or full thighs (those are my problems). I would also like to ask if you do visit and don't necessarily have a favorite, would you mind asking people to pop on over from your own blog? I want this to be a great birthday gift, something that really encourages and inspires her to move forward with this - even if she doesn't have any help locally. Thank you - I know that more of you than are listed on my sidebar links (guess I should really update those) have helped me to expand my skills, to work outside my comfort zone and to try new things. Thank you.

March 6, 2007

Expo Love

This is the first piece of fabric that I bought. I love it! I bought 3 yards and it's 45" wide. I was thinking shirtdress, but then Claire and I decided that a halter type button down dress would be better. I just happen to have Vogue 8063. Sunday night, I measured myself and preped the pattern tissue. I rarely cut the tissue, bu this time I did. I got the muslin made last night and it needs some help - I have gaping at the armholes and some funny wrinkles at the back - but my ASG meeting is Saturday and they'll help me work out the fitting issues. Next up - I found this fabulous 60" wide peachskin (but it doesn't feel like a peachskin at all) at Vogue Fabrics booth for $6.99 a yard! I bought 5 yards - because I knew it wanted to be a wrap dress - similar to the Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dress which is popping up here and here. However, I don't have that pattern! But I do have both Vogue 8315 and Simplicity 3877. In my opinion, the Vogue pattern is just too full but in the words of Goldilocks - I believe the Simplicity Pattern will be "just right." I plan on working on a muslin for that tonight. I'm learning toward View B, but I also want sleeves - so I have to decide if I want the cap sleeve or a long sleeve - I don't love the elbow length sleeve. Next up were these great cotton prints! The background on the diasy print is chocolate brown. The petals are white with pink centers. This is a quilting cotton. I plan on making the same Kwik Sew 3337 as my Amy Butler Skirt. However, this one will have the banding on the bottom of the skirt. In this case it will be the tiny pink with white polka-dots. It's gonna be so cute! I have this Friday off - so the agenda will include a quick Kwik Sew skirt and a white t-shirt. Which will debut at ASG on Saturday. What a fun summer skirt.
The same quilting vendor had the fabulous brown huge rick-rack! I don't have any idea what I will do with it, but I bought 2 yards. I just love it! It's so fun.
Finally - the last piece of fabric I bought was a Liz Claiborne wool (I think - burn testing may be in order). It was $3.99 a yard at Vogue Fabrics. I bought 2 yards. Now I'm wishing I bought enough to make a skirt 'suit.' Although while I was showing Claire my sewing space and fabric storage - I have at least 4 pieces in the cupboard that have enough yardage to make both a skirt and a jacket. Since I've never made a tailored jacket - maybe I should just back off! Anyway - this is sage and taupe on a cream background and will make a great straight skirt for work. I think I might have a knit or two in some or all of those colors to make coordinating tops, cardigans, twin-sets, sweaters - whatever to work with this skirt. This will be an outfit that is way more professional looking than my office has ever pretended to be - but I just dress how I'm comfortable and let them tease me for looking professional! I know I work better when I'm dressed for working :)
Okay - speaking of working - time to get ready. Hope everyone else has great sucess at their upcoming sewing Expos!

March 5, 2007

Considering Playing Hookie Today

I've got alot on my mind. Not the least of which is that the computer guys are coming to set up our new network, server, yadda, yadda, yadda today and I won't be able to get any work done anyway. The Boss is in Portland, OR watch her favorite team play basketball, and I verified that they won last night, so she won't be back in town until tomorrow! I've already checked her email, nothing new there that I have to deal with. I'm still mad as Hell at JD2 over last week's vacation incident which I haven't shared and I don't really want to deal with his whinning today. Add to that that I bought some fabulous fabrics at the Expo with Claire yesterday. I've already cut the muslin of one new dress, the last couple of pieces of fabric are the in washer and I want to stay home and play - I think I'll plan on being out of the office by 10:30 - at the latest!!!

March 4, 2007

Man Sweater Update

Last night I cast off both sleeves! I refused to go into the kitchen and cook dinner until they were off the circular needle! By the way - the recipe was for a vegitarian pot pie, since I can tell that my iron is really, really, low again - I added meat. Next time I will use a proper pie crust for the top rather than the phyllo dough. Otherwise, very good and make-again-able. Back to the Sleeves - the sleeve cap still looks high to me, but I know it's not and will fit fine. The sleeves no longer look like they will hang to JB's knees. I did have one issue with the pattern - it's the shapping notes. When you start decreasing, they have you mess up the rib pattern on the edges and create a 3 stitch stockinette border on the sides, then you do your decreases after those 3 stitches. The pattern says to 'work' them in the established stitch - however, when you do that - you lose the really nice angled row of shaping stitches. Thankfully, I figured that out early (I believe I completely blew it on the back piece but nobody will know except me - and anyone who might read this post!) so the ugly decreases will be hidden under the arm. I also managed to cast on for the front and work 8 rows on the smaller needles. Now, if I head to Puyallup with Little Miss today - I'll have her drive so I can work mindless rows of neverending 3x5 rib! I want this thing done!!!

March 3, 2007

Bad Blogger

Again, I haven't been blogging. I've had a very bad week. JB and I were having a major disagreement. I'm still not completely over this Winter's lingering head cold and I'm majorly pissed at a co-worker. However - that changes today. JB and I got things all worked :) Much happier in my household now. Last night we went out to dinner. This morning, while vegging on the couch, drinking coffee I swatched for a new sweater. I did this once before and forgot to write down what I ended up with. I like using exactly the size needle called for in the pattern, but I'm ending up with 3/4" more width and 1" more length than I need. This is a cardigan, so I'm not worried about the extra length and will just do a little math to see if the smallest size sweater will fit me. (Wow! Never in a million years did I ever think I would say that!!) I also planned out this week's menu - if anyone cares - this is what dinner will look like in my house this week -
  • Saturday - Turkey Pot Pie
  • Sunday - Chicken Taco Stew
  • Monday - Cuban Style Pork Roast with red beans & rice
  • Tuesday - French Onion Soup
  • Wednesday - Beef Carnitas
  • Thursday - Baked Ziti with Meatballs
  • Friday - Liver & Onions (not my favorite, but JB loves it and we are having company for dinner who actually requested it - strange, I know)
  • Saturday - we will going out to dinner with friends.
So, as soon as I hit publish I'm headed to the shower and then the grocery store. I might make a brief stop in the kitchen to clean out the fridge. Last Wednesday I got a haircut. I have been using the same stylist for about 7 years now. I am really, really ready for a new style. So, I tried a new salon and a new stylist. I came home with exactly the same haircut, just shorter! I'm so disappointed. I'm thinking I'd like to try something like Jodie Foster's Oscar Haircut, or Meg Ryan's French Kiss haircut (sorry, I'm too lazy to find photos.) I did do some sewing this week. I finished the last two aprons cut out. They are super cute and destined to be gifts for friends. I'm hoping to get a model who's not a dog and post photos soon. I think tomorrow I might head out the Sewing Expo in Puyallup with my friend Claire (Little Miss). {Again, please forgive me, I'm feeling too lazy to find links :P } There are a few things that I need to shop for if we make it down - snaps for the Western Style skirt, polka dot fabrics, and a new skirt pattern or two. I would like to find some wool fabric and maybe a few other things that I have been itching to try. Hope everyone else has a great sewing weekend! I'm off to do my least favorite chore ever - grocery shopping!!
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