July 3, 2015

Bulls Eye!

I love a good wrap dress.  But, you know what's better than a good wrap dress - a good faux wrap dress.  After making my first version of New Look 6301, I knew I needed more. 

This fabric was one of the quickest turn arounds in my history of ever!  I bought the slinky ITY from Fabric Mart, it arrived in late February, and I cut it out and sewed it up at Spring Retreat.

On this version - because my Expo Wrap gapes just a bit. I did some fancy alterations.  I literally sliced through the front bodice pieces in 2 places, from neckline toward side seams.  I didn't take photos - so I can't show you.  Then I overlapped the fronts about 3/4" total.  This effectively shortened the length of the cross over, but left the side seams the same.  Result:  No gaping in this dress!

I also lengthened the ties so I could wrap them around and tie in the front.  I may have originally added length to the skirt portion, I generally do.  I'm 5'9" tall and my height is from my waist down.  I generally have to shortened from the waist up.

All-in-all, I love this dress.  It's fun and flirty.  I have used the skirt pattern to match with other bodices since then (I might be behind in blogging).

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