June 20, 2013

What Do You Do When You Can't Wear Heels?

Dansko Reeny

Many of you remember my ambition to participate in a 10k a month.  Well that ended in March with an over ambitious participation in a 15k in which I walked.  I finished, with under a 15 minute mile - but I stupidly did it without training.  I really pulled some muscles in my right leg from the hip, through my knee, right down to my ankle.  I do not want to have an MRI - I have incredibly horrible medical insurance and I'm afraid I will spend lots of money to have them say you need to rest it.

Dansko Ryder


So - I've been resting it, walking the dog a bit less, moving slower when we do walk the dog and not doing races.  I've found that when I wear heels to work, my ankle and knee ache.  It hurts to stand up from sitting and I walk with a limp.  So - I've been wearing my danskos daily again - I love my danskos, my knee and ankle no longer hurt and my hip feels better.  But - I find Danskos to be 'clunky'.

Dansko Hailey

So - what do you do when you can't wear heels?  I wear a skirt or dress every day.  My office dress code is no bare legs, no open toe.  While many of the ladies in the office do both bare legs and open toed shoes - so far, I had not.  I don't mind wearing panty hose.  I like the control top and the warmth they provide again overly air conditioned buildings. 

Dansko Tandy
So, my question to you is -- Would you wear any of these shoes on a semi regular basis with work clothes?  If not, why not?  And what would you wear?  

Honestly - I'm hating that I can't wear my heels right now without being in pain.  I have a nice selection of shoes - not like Carolyn or Debbie, but nice enough.  And I seriously dislike the fact that I'm buying more shoes - but being able to sit, bend and walk without pain is important.

Finally - do you wear slingbacks with hosery? 

June 10, 2013

Wedding Dress

 Not my wedding - but a dress that I made to wear to a wedding.  The darling little soon to be bride of the shawl?  Her wedding was Memorial Day weekend.  I decided on Friday night that I needed a new dress to wear to the wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Luckily for me, I had made new look 6184 one before and the fitting issues had been sorted out.  (for the record, one of my legs is tucked up on the rail behind me.)  The fabric is a pretty fairly stiff stretch twill and this dress 'wants' a petticoat under it - but I don't have one. 

I feel bigger in this dress than some of the others I have made recently and I think it's the combination of the stiffer fabric and the full skirt.  I think I want to try the lower neckline and the slim skirt in the near future. 

Do you think this would be weird with sleeves added?  We can't wear sleeveless at the new job.  Although I did wear this to work last Friday, I had a green shawl over my shoulders all day.  I also brought a lavender cardi in case the shawl got annoying.

On another note - I spent the weekend (well, today) working on a pencil skirt pattern.  It's almost done but the waistband and the hem.  And I don't think I have anything to wear with it.

Finally - I spilled a glass on water on my laptop last weekend.  It didn't survive, so until I get a new one - I have to borrow JB's and he doesn't always share well.  So - I'll try to post at least one a week - but no promises and if I'm not commenting on your blog - well that's why.  g

June 2, 2013

Another Version of McCalls 6713

Wow!  Where have I been?  Nowhere really.  I've been getting settled into a new routine with a new job in a new industry.  The only constant has been that I'm still admin.  Admin doesn't change based on who you are supporting.  That being said - there is a lot to learn at my new job.  We are head down busy all day long.  Also - I feel a bit like a dog who's just seen a squirrel.  I'll be in the middle of something and get a new urgent request - Squirrel!  And I'm off on a new task.  Don't get me wrong - I'm loving it! 

I was very worried about my wardrobe going in and I'm learning I didn't need to be.  I have lots of clothes and just about everything works. 

 My third version of McCalls 6713 and I still like this dress.  This is a very fluid knit that I bought many years ago.  It is a tiny floral with darker pinks and grey in it.  The pattern has enough of a sleeve that I don't have to wear a cardigan all day (no sleeveless policy) - pale pink or grey.  I did not add the drape to this version and the skirt isn't as full as the polka dot dress - different fabric, different results. 

Also - I did not wear pink keds all day.  I wore my grey pumps, I just didn't feel like changing my shoes when I had JB's attention and he was willing to take photos.  

This dress is fun, feminine and easy to wear.  I feel pretty and sassy when I wear it. 

Looking at the photos - I need to work on doing my face a bit better.  I have been putting make up on every single day since changing jobs and making an effort to fix my flat and lifeless hair.  When these photos were taken - my hair was way past due for a cut and color (which has now happened).

There has been more sewing since this dress was made.  However, we finally have Spring in Seattle and I want to sit outside and knit or read rather than be inside sewing.

Happy June everyone.  Hopefully - I'll be more present in the space - I have missed you all.  g
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