April 26, 2008

Almost Home

At least with the daily update of what we were doing. So, yesterday we were at Niagara Falls. Today, we slowly made our way back to Watertown, New York. We made a couple of stops along the way - at wineries in the Finger Lakes area. The area is beautiful and the day was stunning. We started out a lake so Mr. Henry could go swimming - the water was cold, but that didn't stop him! That's him standing in the water watching were his ball is going. This lovely tree was next to a great winery. The bare tree was really lovely to me. (Generally when you see these strange photos - I've asked JB to take them.) Since I don't really drink wine (I know! But I just don't like the taste.), I don't remember the names of the wineries we stoped at. JB wasn't loving all the New York Wines, but that didn't stop him from having a collection to bring home. We were gonna have The Princess ship them, but JB decided it would fit in our suitcase with our clothing! Since almost everything I wear was in there I was freakin out when we opened the suitcase, but everything played nicely and none of my clothes were ruined by red wine!
Next stop - Mystic, Connecticut.


  1. Oh Mystic is very nice... you'll love it! ENJOY!

  2. The photographs are amazing, and I can't believe you'd actually haul wine home in your luggage... have you seen how the airlines beat the tar out of stuff? I'm glad nothing was ruined. Did you happen to see any yarn in the Finger Lakes area. I made the 'Titanic' sweater from "Finger Lakes Wool", but haven't seen their stuff around in years, which sucks because it was fantastic. Hope you are well... type at you soon. C

  3. Henry is adorable. Glad the wine - and your clothes - made it home safely!

  4. oh...that pic of my boy is so funny! Thanks for posting it! This weekend we went up to Lake Placid, and we had to stop along the way so Henry could swim, DH kept faking him out with throws, so he was trying to stand in the water to look for his ball...too deep, but he can crane that neck like a giraffe!


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