April 6, 2008

Gunna Get My Sweat Shop On

While browsing Tearsa's blog That's Sew Live! I read where she said "I am going to take my time on this one.. I won't rush it like I normally do.. I like to get my sweat shop (minus the children laborers) on and churn out the pieces!" as part of this post.
Since I listen to country music, ever since I read that I have been hearing Toby Keith's song - Get My Drink On.
Anyway - today started out like most weekends - lazy! I finally made it down to the studio and got all four of the Amy Butler Swing Bags finished. Tomorrow - three of them are headed out in the mail - along with the first one I ever made. Unlike Carolyn, I generally only use a pattern once, so I definitely got my money's worth out of this one. From the top - left over AB fabric from the Stunt Stitcher Gig. It's going to Miss C. for more shop samples. The bag was lined with a heavy twill fabric. Other changes, handles were cut longer than the pattern called for and the bag was cut about 1" shorter because I didn't have enough fabric.
The blue bag is scraps from a skirt that I'm in the process of finishing up for myself. You all know - there's not much I like better than a fun cotton print skirt. It's being sent as a little surprise.
Next up are the two bags I was able to cut from the Tina Givens fabric that I bought for this bag. The first one is lined with batting and I like the cushy feel that it has. The straps are again longer (the blue bag has straps the length the pattern calls for - I think they are short, short, short!) and this time cut from a beige corduroy. The final bag is for me. It's lined with batting and I like it :)


  1. How adorable! They are great spring time accessories.

  2. 4 bags!!! You said you promised one of them away... that leaves 3!... and one cute princess of a daughter :) I guess there is the musical one too, but come on.. what about me?!

    See you in 4&1/2 days!!!!! :D

  3. I'm so impressed with how much sewing you've done - and they are all so cute!!

  4. Beautious bags!!!! I so wish I learned to sew, lol

  5. The bags are so cool and look like spring!

  6. I love the shape of those bags! Great fabric choices too!


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