June 27, 2012

Sorbetto and Straight Skirt

Many of you know, I have long wanted a straight skirt tha fits me.  This one still isn't perfect - but it's darn close. 

The skirt while more winter than summer like was perfect for yesterday - the top, not so much.  The skirt is a stretch twill with a tiny white pinstripe.  The pattern is Simplicity 2154.  This version fits much better than the first, as I managed to smooth that crazy hip curve out. 

For some reason - the brown pinstripe told me it needed a floral top to wear with it.  I should start taking pics before I leave for work - the shoes don't really work and the cardi is totally the wrong color - but such is my life apparently.

The top if my first version of Sorbetto.  It's an easy top.  It looks a bit long on me in this picture.  And I did notice that at the end of the day the hem wouldn't lay flat, so I could be just a smidge shorter.

The front fits well .  I sewed the 'pleat' down the entire lenght of the top so there is no pulling.

The back, however, is a mess.  It still needs a sway back adjustment. 

The binding is a pink ginham that I tea died to make it not so white against the floral fabric. 

The maxi still isn't hemmed, but i have been sewing.  So that feels good.  Now if only I could be as comfortable as Carolyn in front of the camera.    


June 25, 2012

Muu Muu?

This weekend I worked on the Diane Kimono Dress in a maxi length.  I have made this dress before and wear it often.  But I really wanted a long dress.  It's completely lined and I'll get better photos after I hem it.  After working on it all day ysterday, I came up from the studio with it on and JB said it looked like a Muu Muu. 

So - carry on?  or hem it shorter?  Or wait for on person photos?  Thank you.

June 18, 2012

I Did It Again

Nope, no sewing. But I'm getting ready for it. Honest.
Rather - JB and I hit an estate sale. 

He couldn't leave behind this beautiful pewter hostess set.
There is a tray, coffee and tea pots, creamer and sugar as well as an open bowl.
Anyone know what the open bowl was originally used for?

Sorry for the really blurry photo
That's a pumpkin at the top of the lids. 

Of course, this set was really expensive.  And since he's been watching a lot of American Pickers
he found something to bundle with it. 

Yea - I got another set of china.

This is Royal Staffordshire in the Tonquin pattern, in brown - I think.
I say - I think because I can't find it online.
It's a service for 12 with some additional serving pieces.

Look at how pretty the scene in the center of each piece is.
This makes 13 different sets of dishes.
I have 3 sets of china, 2 sets of everyday - all complete with serving pieces.
the remaining 8 sets are just 4 dinner plates and either the bowls or salad plates.
I'm out of room - I cannot buy another set - or I'll have to buy a new house.

Just a reminder - someday we hope to own a B&B.
I'm just building up stock.

June 11, 2012

Block Party

I recently knit a few shawls.
They were both quick and easy.

The first was Lazy Katy
And both The Princess and KnitTea knit along with me.
We started on May 27th.
the yarn was Misti Alpaca Handpainted Sock - that I bought in Mystic, CT.
The shape is lovely and the shawl will soon get a post of it's own.  
The second was Holbrook by Irish Girlie Knits.
This is a sample for TNNA and I need to get it mailed.
The yarn was Anzula's Dreamy and it's properly named.

Yesterday, they both got a bath and then a little layout in the sun.
Blocking sis something I need lots more work doing.  But they are good.

June 7, 2012


I haven't posted a thankful Thursday in a long time and I think I need to.  Everything is all out of joint right now and I need to line back up and get on track, because no matter how horrible I think my life is - it could always be worse.  And truthfully - it's not that bad.  So today I'm thankful for:

*the wisteria blooming in the dog yard.  I love this flower which is considered a weed.  This little tree was planted 8 years ago and this is the first spring that it's bloomed.  They flowers don't last long, so I'm really thankful that I didn't miss them.

*the dogs - who can always make me laugh and smile - even when they are being goobers.

*the ability to take vacations to see The Princess graduate, see how happy she is, meet her employers and spent time with her Boy and his parents.

*meeting friends, having dinner and chatting for hours.  Spending time catching up and it feeling like it's been weeks since we last got together and not years.

*the Internet and blogs in particular.  Meeting new friends online and in person.  Coincidentally being in the same place at the same time - miles from our homes.

*the ability to make just the right curtains.  No matter how painful the project was.  Knowing that it's perfect is worth a lot.

-- So, would you share a bit of your thankful list with me today?   g

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