April 30, 2008


Many of you know that I sometimes wear the hat of Stunt Stitcher for Miss C. I can't remember how I originally found her blog - but I really like her, she's funny, sassy and will definately tell it like it is. It was when I found out that she has 5 kids that she homeschools (I'd have killed mine before they made it to school age) and opened Clementine's Dry Goods without any help from a bank or other lending instutition that I volunteered to stunt stitch. The lovelies that follow are all from FreeSpirt's Flirt line and I love it! Miss C does not have an 'online' store as you know it - but check her website in progress and give her a call - she'll mail anything you want! She has 98% of the amy butler fabrics which are so hard to find.

This needs to be a full skirt, possibly B4742

Imagine V2903 from this.

How about V2960 from this one?

This could be B5179

I can see this as V1043


  1. i love all of those fabrics. very "girly"!!!
    and that last pattern....V1043 is my favorite!

  2. I have to say V2960 is pretty smashing. I'll try and get some of those "Flirts" ordered. Today I got scammed into buying a listing in HomePages, a small-town phone directory. They insisted I couldn't cancel, even though I tried to change my mind a mere three hours later (based on finances, it was a really dumb move on my part), but I thought there would be the three-day clause,to get out of the deal. They won't budge, but I'm phoning the Atty. Gen. in the morning. I hope all is well with you.

  3. I love any fabric that contains the color coral/pink - qualifying all of these as winners. I haven't been sewing in a while but you are inspiring me to get my machine out!

  4. I love all of these fabrics!!!!

  5. I LOVE the fabrics...the top one especially.


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