April 6, 2008

I Ain't Got Much

But this little fake fur bear to show for my efforts today. This is bearrit from Carol's Zoo. I started making this bears as dog toys several years ago. When I realized I could purchase replacement squeakers and fake fur for much less than I could buy a soft toy at the pet store.
Because it takes me about 45 minutes to make one, and it only take Beau 5 minutes to kill one, I don't make bears for my guys too often any more, but when I make them as gifts for other - Lucy just sits and drools, waiting to get her chops on it.
I also managed to walk the dogs, vacuum the floors, work 6 rounds on my baby pinwheel blanket, make another dog toy and cut out 4 swing bags. Tomorrow plans to be much of the same - dog walking and sewing :) Good times!


  1. This is a good idea, considering Sophia can destroy a stuffie in about five minutes also. Yes, I said Sophia - the little dog. Abby doesn't rip them apart unless Sophia does. I even have this pattern in my stash along with faux fur scraps. Where do you find the squeakers?

  2. i'm exhausted just reading your list. whew. cute bear...shame it is destined to be ripped to shreds. :)


  3. Those are so so cute! Gracie loves her toys. She carries them around in her mouth all around the house.

  4. SO cute... but I can relate on the time to make vs time to search & destroy, lol

  5. My guys love their toys that 'Auntie GMarie" made them!


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