April 27, 2008


Mystic, Connecticut was a stop on our way to Foxwood. See 4 years ago when we vacationed in New England, JB desperately wanted to go to the casino - he had seen while watching the World Poker Tour, but we didn't have time. So this time it was a must see. I'm sure most everyone has seen Mystic Pizza, I haven't seen a lot of movies, but I've seen this one! No, we didn't go to Mystic Pizza to eat (I've heard the pizza isn't really that great). We didn't even go into the Mystic Seaport - it's a working museum and everything looked good lovely, but we didn't know how much time we had. So we just strolled along the street, reading the signs and looking for a place to get JB a lobster roll. I swear it will be a really good lobster roll that will convince him to move to New England. The weather was beautiful on this Saturday - the last one of our vacation and we took our time strolling along the sidewalks, looking at the water, boats and birds. We did feed the birds some of our french fries during lunch. Apparently we like naked trees as subjects of photos - doesn't that one look neat in front of the house?


  1. I grew up in teeny-tiny Gales Ferry, CT (Ledyard school district) ... long before the casino was even a thought. I went to to Mystic and the Seaport so many times as a kid and it was fun to see your pics. Best lobster "grinder" is Great Oak Pizza in Gales Ferry. OMG I'm salivating just thinking about it. I went back to Gales Ferry a few years ago, the first time since we left when I was 12. It hadn't changed a bit, except there is now a McDonald's. Great Oak was still in business and the lobster grinder was everything I remembered. We went to Foxwood too and I won about $30 in the slots. But Oh! seeing it was so weird. It was like Oz rising up in the middle of the nothingness of Ledyard.

  2. Mohegan Sun is actually a nicer casino than Foxwoods and just next door. Hope you've enjoyed Connecticut - some of the most beautiful spots are in Litchfield County which is the Northwest corner of the state. Have a safe trip home!

  3. blogfree JessicaSunday, April 27, 2008

    OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? I have wanted to go to Mystic ever since i first saw that stupid movie!!!! I have probably seen it no less than 20 times. I own the silly thing on dvd. Kicking kicking KICKING myself that i forgot about Mystic as a draw to Connecticut last weekend!! I'll have to let the princess know i will be making my way out to Conn. in the near future. MUST see Mystic!

  4. Lucky you!!! Yes, I'd also consider moving there for lobster.

  5. Lobster roll. Sigh. I'd give an arm for one. I look like a hound, drooling...

  6. For the best lobster rolls, you're going to have to head a bit further north in New England! :)

    Sorry you didn't make it to the seaport or aquarium, but I guess that just might mean you'll have to come back soon! ;-)


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