May 4, 2008

Why I Don't Generally PreCut

. . . because I get bored with the projects before I ever get them finished. Right now I really, really, really want to work on the red skirt mentioned here. However, I just finished a blue wrap skirt that was cut prior to the Spring Sewing Retreat today, photos to follow, when I can get JB to take photos. Per Carolyn, since JB takes such good photos, I'm not allowed to the do the funky photo in the mirror any more. Anyway, currently I have the brown polka dot dress in progress. It was started prior to the Spring Sewing Retreat and put on hold because I didn't want to take it with me. The bodice is completed and the skirt just needs to be attached. Will take approximately 90 minutes to finish. I also have cut out a top from the same polka dot fabric and 3 or 4 t-shirts. I need the t-shirts in my closet - desperately, but have no desire to make them. They won't take long at all. The best way to get those tops done is to run them through the serger. I'm lame and don't set my serger up for coverstitch, but rather hem them will a twin needle, but it still won't take long and will add lots of needed tops to the wardrobe. But all I want to do is make the red skirt. And after that there will be something else I would rather be working on. Guess I better just buckle down and sew up what's already cut before moving forward. Hope your weekend is giving you the sewing you desire to get done.


  1. I hear you Gaylen - my attention is always swayed by the next pretty thing. I say I have ADSD (attention deficit sewing disorder) and that's why at any given time, I have 10 - 30 projects in progress. Sometimes, I just can't stay focused! I have made myself a deal lately though, for every new garment I sew, I have to finish and old one - I figure that way, in a few months, I should have cleared the backlog. Here's hoping, anyhow! :)

    Anyhow, I don't blame you for wanting to work on the red skirt - the fabric is gorgeous. Just to let you know, I have made the skirt from the Simplicity pattern and if you have a big waist-hip difference (mine is 12" - yeah, I'm a big ole pear), then the skirt will need some tweaks. When I made it, the hip fit perfectly, but the waist gapped like crazy. Just an FYI.

  2. i still don't know what a serger is, and why i need one. Do i need one?

    anywhoot....just shootin the breeze, a little quiet around here these days... :o(

  3. I agree entirely with not pre-cutting fabric. I used to do that and would end up with projects I didn't want any more.

    Suck it up and finish the dress - it is going to be beautiful!!! Then you can make the skirt, which will also be beautiful (I've been on a serious red kick lately). There, I've nagged you enough.

  4. *LOL* at the pictures comment...I don't pre-cut either...whenever I do I end up with weekends or days of sewing things that I no longer have a vision for...and I still have two of those laying around. Personally I would sew the red skirt first and then move onto the tees but you will work out what's best for you! :)

  5. you are a very talented person. I wish I could do all this sewing. You make wonderful pieces!!!!! =)

    Your coffee swap partner

  6. I have fabric everywhere that I get a thrill from buying but sometimes get side-tracked with other projects. So relax! We all have ADHD to some extent! I always have a million things going at's what makes life interesting!


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