May 16, 2008

Close, But No Cigar

This is the pinwheel baby blanket. I decided to knit a blanket for our IT Guy at work. He's a sweetheart and "they" are expecting their second child. According to my ravelry account, this was originally started on March 15th, but I wasn't happy with it, so on April 2 I ripped it and started again. This blanket is not a world traveler - it did not get to see 5 states and 2 countries with me while I was on vacation. These parents know the sex of the baby, but have chosen not to share, the only information I could get was that the nursery is decorated with a 100 Acre Woods Theme from Winnie the Pooh. So the main yarn is Cascade Sierra Quatro - the 4 colors in it are green, yellow, green and white. I accented with Green and Off-white.
I also chose to break the pattern up a little bit. After finishing the bulls eye center in green, I then established a pattern. I would knit according to the pattern, but on every 3rd straight knit row I would purl around. It gave a little ridge and made it much easier to know when I was done with a solid row. I worked 4 sets of the multi and then 1 solid.
It still needs to have all the ends woven in - the back is ugly! It also needs to be washed. Then it will be ready to go. The baby is scheduled for delivery on Father's Day and the last day that IT Guy will in the office is the 20th to move my computer to my new office and install new software - so I better get busy bathing :)


  1. Very pretty! And 30 years from now, that child will know it came from you, because they'll always remember the gift of love - in a blanket!

  2. G,
    I love that blanket!! Terrific color combination.

  3. So very lovely. The colors should be perfect for the room!


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