May 8, 2008


Shannon asked in the comments a couple of weeks ago - in response to this post - if that was Abby laying in the street. It was. And here's a little bit closer picture of her. You see, we live at the very end of a dead end street. The neighbors all know that if JB is outside playing, then most likely Dudley & Abigail are outside too. They are the only bassets I've ever met who are boundary trained. They do push the boundaries occassionally but they don't push far enough to get to the busy street and they always come when they are called! Good Dogs. How about that mug ---->? That is Miss Lucy, when I went outside to take those pictures. She didn't want to be left in the house so she was getting her nose in enough to open the door. Lucy and Beau aren't as good as the little dogs about listening or knowing how big the yard is. Frankly, their noses rule them - listen to dad or sniff - sniff!! She didn't get out because I never left the steps. But she wanted to. Remember in this post when I said I had a picture of Lucy modeling the scarf that we received? Well here it is. She doesn't like wearing clothes. This is where she insists she's a dog. It's the only time - the rest of the time she'll tell you 'she's people' and should be eating our food and sleeping on the couches. But when it comes to wearing clothes - she's a dog! Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone.


  1. Don't you love how they use their noses to open doors? :)
    Cute pics!

  2. I think Simon falls somewhere between your little dogs and your big ones in terms of trying to bolt. Although, if there is a particularly fabulous smell in the vicinity, all bets are off. Simon is basically a nose, stomach and four legs!!

    I love seeing the pics of your dogs. I can't say as I have a total favourite amongst them, but Miss Lucy sure is a sweetie pie in that picture! Which one is the most mischievous? I always have a major soft spot for the real stinker in the group!!

  3. Poor Miss Lucy..."Mom, I want to be with you";-(
    Why is it hounds like to lay in the road? I knew a hound that used to sleep in the road on a busy road. Fortunately everyone in the neighborhood knew to look out for Nell, the bloodhound.

  4. Fred was trained to the Invisible Fence, and in his old age, didn't need his collar to stay in the boundaries. Sissy is learning boundaries WITHOUT the invisible fence thus far, but once she's recovered from today's surgery, we'll train her to the fence too.

    Fred LOVED to rest in the middle of the (gravel) driveway. So far, Sissy prefers soft surfaces...


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