May 7, 2008

How About Food?

After getting home from vacation and getting back to work, I'm making an effort to cook and eat healthier again. So this past weekend I planned the menu, went shopping, and except for the snafu with the electricity I'm sticking to it. Having been a Weight Watchers member for years, I have quite a collection of their cookbooks. I used these cookbooks often, the recipes are actually good - I've even served them to company without telling them it's 'diet food!' In honor of Cinqo de Mayo - I made quesadillas for dinner. The original recipe called for sauteed mushrooms, but I added fresh spinach and chipoltes in adobe. They were yummy. I started by sauteing the mushrooms in a hot skillet - no oil. Then I added the spinach and chipoltles. When the spinach was wilted (I took a picture) I put the spinach into tortillas with Pepper Jack cheese and cooked until the cheese was melted. These were served with sour cream, salsa, and sliced avocados.
Last night I made a veggie stir fry with scallops. I used the baby bay scallops because I don't like the big ones, but the recipe called for the sea scallops. Start by patting your scallops dry - they will caramelize better and get a wonderful color. Cook the scallops, remove from pan, add fresh veggies - carrots, celery, cabbage, snow peas, broccoli, peppers - whatever you have and like. When you veggies are almost to the doneness you like, add the scallops back in, along with garlic, ginger and soy sauce. Serve over rice.
I just thought both pans looked so green, fresh and yummy that I had to share them - enjoy! Oh, and for those wondering, we have no idea what happened, just that we have full power again. Strange!!


  1. They look and sound so good. I am also a wieght watcher and I will be tring these recipes.

    Also I will be sending your package out next week.

    Your coffee Swap Pal

  2. soooo... things are 'fixed', but not solved? Hmmm. Kinda scary, but you're back in the 21st century now, and cooking veg and sea monkeys, er, scallops, to boot. I so would send you some contraband, if you really want some. Definately not diet-friendly, though.
    I have a box of G-goodies being assembled as I type. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised... I hope. (oh, and there's a bit of broc just there, in your teeth) *wink* Cami

  3. mmm, that sounds really good! i've been so behind on my blog reading...

  4. Yum... Now I'm hungry!

  5. Hey, G, sen me the recipe or the WW e-tools link to it please

  6. Very commendable of you - I have to get on the health wagon myself. Stir fry is always a great way to do that - thanks for the inspiration!


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