May 31, 2008

It's A Jungle Out There!

This is a picture of our upper back yard. This is the section of the yard right behind the living room. Truly it's a jungle out there. See that rhody? Right next to it is our little fire pit. The weeds are winning the war.
That pretty little yellow flower is really a weed I think. It's on the path in front of the pond. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be out pulling it.
Not part of the jungle - but there's an iris. There are only two purple irises growing in our yard. I'm not sure why JB hasn't planted more - they are really pretty.
Here's a view of the block wall
behind the pond patio. It's a jungle out there too! There is an old rusted stove part (JB has a strange collection of stoves as yard art) up there along with a two person bistro set. I can't wait until this portion of the yard is cleaned up and usable. Unfortunately it's not really visible from the front yard so it's the last to get done. Hopefully next weekend by the latest.


  1. my "yard" sneers in your yard's general direction. Looks good to me... green grass, pretty plants, and the retaining wall is verrry cool!

  2. Jeffrey's been trying to beat our jungle back into submission since he got back from college 2 weeks ago. The lawn tractor's deck deciding to fall off didn't help matters much. Who knew that when Sears offered to extend my already extended warranty for another 2 years that there would have been a $1100 bill, covered by the warranty now 2 weeks in effect?

    I have a wall covered in growing things. Mine's a tree, affectionately called the "Wall Tree", but I have no idea whit it really is. The flowers are pretty. Nothing like spots of color!

  3. That reminds me of my jungle...and I thought we were the only ones being overtaken by vegetation! Doesn't help that it rains 10 days straight and then the only day the sun decides to shine we are both working! Mary


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