May 14, 2008

For Sure*

*JB's favorite saying is "You don't know that for sure." Anytime you say anything, he comes back with 'you don't know that for sure.' Well, here's a list of things I DO know for sure: :: I love that man. That's JB who was getting tired of being asked to try on the first pair of toe-up socks I ever made, so he tried them on as ears. :: I love to sew and knit, enjoy being able to make my own clothes, and the creativity that the process brings. I really love the friends I have made with this blog. :: My current weight is weighing me down - physically and emotionally - and I don't like it. :: I enjoy eating fruits and veggies and next to vodka - water is my favorite beverage. Sugar is the enemy. :: My preferred workout time is 5:45 am. :: I am going to take time for me again - starting right now!


  1. OK, after you guys left, i thought i would never hear the phrase "you don't know that for sure" again, until i saw you next time. I think MAYBE 2 hours went by, and either Jason or I said it. Guess what the new fave saying in our household is????

  2. It sounds like JB needs a smack... I know that for sure. *wink*
    I think I'll join you in the getting up early to walk/exercise thing... just don't tell anybody. Though if my blog goes dark, it prolly means I got attacked by rabid coyotes or had a stroke on the roadside. With our time difference of three hours it means I'll be cussing you out for making the fat girl walk, and you'll still be asleep in the sack. Just so you know why your ears'll be so hot. *hugs* Cami

  3. Hahha... I'll take a man with a sense of humor any day...

    I used to be a morning person. Sissy would love a pre-work walk. Wonder if I could pull it off?

  4. Hey, you were discouraged by the thought of maintaining the 25lb loss. How about something smaller? 15? 10? More attainable, more maintainable. Just a thought....

  5. I like your spirit, lady. I find it inspiring. I do know that for sure.


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