May 10, 2008


eta: This was a gift for the receiptist at my dentist's office. She had a horrible accident last Summer and deserves merino wool wrapped around her neck.


  1. I just lost my comment. Darn fingers getting tangled up, and something over by the backspace button makes things vanish. You seem like you're chocolate-deficient... when was your last dose? It's full of good things, you know. Where is the fab neck warmer-thingie going? Is this onw of those swappy gigs I'm never privy to? Sign me up for one, next time, k? ('Cuz I"m a little out of the loop, but I make stuff... just finished the socks tonight!) Be well, G. *mwah* C


I appreciate you coming to see me. It may take me a bit to publish your comment - but I will get to them by the end of every day. If you leave a way for me to get back to you, I will. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your opinions. g

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